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Week 15 Observation 3 Adolescent Interview 13 to 17 Years Old Exercise

Week 15 Observation 3 Adolescent Interview 13 to 17 Years Old Exercise

Question Description

I’m working on a education & teaching question and need a sample draft to help me study.

For this observation/interview you will be interviewing an adolescent. Please include the questions with the answers in your paper. Plan to spend about an hour to an hour and a half with the child you’re interviewing.


It is your responsibility to make sure the child is mature enough to participate in this activity.


What To Do

1. Identify a child between the ages of 13 and 17 to interview. Is there a child in this age group in your family or circle of friends? Your neighborhood, or church?

2. Obtain permission from the child’s parents. It is helpful to print out this document and share it with the parents to answer any questions they may have. Make sure you have read and understand the assignment yourself.

3. Schedule a time and place for the observation/interview. You need a place that affords some privacy and will be comfortable for both of you. Take a copy of the assignment and plenty of paper and several pens to take good notes.

Make sure the child is comfortable before beginning and pick up on any clues if that comfort level diminishes. Explain what the activity is about and thank the child for his/her time when you are done.

  • Description of Subject:
  • Physical Changes:
  • Puberty:
  • Describing themselves:
  • Health:
  • Screen Time:
  • School:
  • Work:
  • Relationship with Parents:
  • Relationships with Peers:
  • Dating:
  • In General:
  • Their Message to Children:
  • Their Message to Adults and Society:
  • Anything else:

How old is the subject?

What grade are they in? (if applicable)

How would they describe themself?

What changes have occurred in their body in adolescence (since they turned 13)?

How does this compare to their classmates/friends?

Is there anything they are willing to share about puberty?

If they have not yet gone through puberty, what are their thoughts about it?

If they have gone or are going through puberty what was/is it like?

How would they describe themselves?

How do they feel about themselves?

Is there anything they are willing to share about their gender identity?

Their personal thoughts about/experiences with and/or generalizations about sexual activity, abstinence, prevention of STI/pregnancy?

How is their general health?

How much sleep do they get?

How do they feel their nutrition is (do they eat a healthy diet and engage in enough physical activity)?

How late do they stay up at night playing games, chatting with friends, watching YouTube etc.?


What are their feelings about and experiences in school? What do they like best about school? What is most challenging?

How was the transition into middle school/high school/college (pick the most applicable)?

How or where do they get help when they need it?

What are their educational goals?

If old enough, do they work? Why or why not?

What effects do they feel working, or not working, has on their life?

If they are not yet old enough, do they plan on getting a job when they are old enough? Why or why not?

What role do their parents play in their life?

Do which parent do they go to for advice or help?

When there is conflict, what is it usually over?

How would they describe their friendships, do they have best friend?

What role do their friends play in their life? What kinds of things do they like to do with their friends?

What role does social media play in their friendships?

Are they dating? If so, how would they describe that relationship?

What activities do they spend time in with their significant other?

What is their greatest fear or concern right now? How are they going to resolve this?

When they have a difficult decision to make what or who helps them?

Who is the most important person in their life? Why?

What would they want to tell younger children about adolescence?

What do they wish they would have known when they were younger?

What do they wish adults knew or better understood about adolescents?

Is there anything else that they want you to know about them?


SUMMARY/EVALUATION (including your personal comments)

Using information from the text, classroom discussions and any outside sources you have discuss your impressions/thoughts/concerns about this child. Consider the child’s

chronological age and developmental stage in your summary. How does this child compare to typical norms? What surprised you during this interview? Was there anything about this child that made you think of your own experiences?



Evaluation will be based on completeness, content, organization, expression and presentation. A portion of the grade will be based upon frequent references to course content. Your summary should reflect original thoughts/opinions/reflections and serve to bring your document to a natural closure. Use only our own text as a reference please.

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