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Walden University Leadership Social Work Discussions Replies

Walden University Leadership Social Work Discussions Replies

Question Description

I’m working on a social work discussion question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ posts.

Respond to at least two colleagues by commenting on at least one idea he or she has shared and by suggesting and/or providing a resource that might be of assistance.

DB 1—Zycara

Post your thoughts about your future career goals

My future goals include direct service to clients through clinical and holistic therapy, life coaching, traveling, and owning/operating a development agency for POCs. These goals will require different levels of social work regarding leadership and administration. Clinical and holistic therapy would involve understanding leadership style and traits and comprehending how they work with different people. It also involves allowing the client to be the “expert” of their own story and utilize their right to self determination. Life coaching and traveling will require skills in marketing and networking; both of which can be impacted by leadership and administration. The development agency will require the most attention to leadership style and administration. I would like to utilize many different talents to provide development training and opportunities to POCs including psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, educators, etc.

your interest in moving into leadership or management positions

Moving into to leadership or management is overwhelming at this current point. I know many new practitioners that are ready and willing to move into these roles right out of graduate school, however I would like to work under a skilled and experienced practitioner for a few years before entering this level. I have noticed that I enjoy learning from others who have been in the position i am interested in than acquiring the position and learning as I go. My interest in management will increase the more experience I obtain as a specialist and I will begin to change my trajectory if that is the next phase in my career.

the benefits and challenges of a social work administrator’s role.

The benefits of social work administrator’s role is compensation, resources, and education are more elevated and expansive than social work specialist roles. Austin et al. (2013) discusses how the transition can be different and difficult for new managers stating that the focus of practice shifts from individualized to communal or organizational (Austin et al., 2013, pg 2). Transitioning upward in the professional arena involves transitioning thoughts, feelings, and perspectives on practice. For example, as a manager of an organization, your focus is not on the individual client(s) but has shifted to the focus of the organization or community. The best interest of the organization/agency is the focus and not so much as the clients/population served. This could also been seen as a challenge to the social work administrator’s role. For example, I enjoy seeing the transition of my clients and feel a greater connection when working directly with clients. I find it difficult to work where the focus is on productivity and profit and not people. Another challenge would be multitasking management. As a specialist, managing clients can be overwhelming but the purpose is the same for each client: increasing well being. According to the NASW (2021) preamble, “The primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty” (NASW, 2021, preamble). As a manager, management would consist of employees, community partners, funders, directors, etc. where the focus may change with the different areas. Time would also impact management. In the micro level of practice, results can be seen immediately or quicker than at the mezzo and macro levels due to the different factors that influence service provision.


Austin, M. J., Regan, K., Gothard, S., & Carnochan, S. (2013). Becoming a manager in nonprofit human service organizations: Making the transition from specialist to generalist. Administration in Social Work, 37(4), 372-385.

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW). (2021). National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Retrieved from…

DB 2—Darlene

Discussion 1: Future Career Goals

Post your thoughts about your future career goals, your interest in moving into leadership or management positions, and the benefits and challenges of a social work administrator’s role.

My future career goals include working with individuals with mental health challenges and disabilities. I plan to work for a state agency to advance my social work skills further and gain additional experience with the population of interest. I hope to one day move into a position of leadership or management. I would like to be a clinical director for either a mental health agency or a government agency. I eventually want to pursue establishing private practice working with adults living with a mental disorder. I am not sure where the road may lead. However, I am open to new opportunities. I have learned that I enjoy working with adults in a counseling and therapy capacity.

There are significant benefits of a social work administrator. Their role requires experience and training to manage the day-to-day functions of an organization successfully. Social work administrators have services that can be life-changing. As a social work administrator, you are privilege to manage a team, lead, and influence. This can be a rewarding yet challenging experience. Austin, Regan, Gothard, and Carnochan (2013) shared that manager often face challenges as they learn to exercise authority, negotiate competing interests, manage organizational politics. Managers face challenges as they move from their role as technical specialists to becoming managerial generalists. Social work administrators may experience similar challenges. As a social work administrator, your workload and responsibility mean overseeing, directing, and evaluating services. This role is a significant career advancement and opportunity to make an impact. (Austin, Regan, Gothard & Carnochan, 2013).


Austin, M. J., Regan, K., Gothard, S., & Carnochan, S. (2013). Becoming a manager in nonprofit human service organizations: Making the transition from specialist to generalist. Administration in Social Work, 37(4), 372-385.

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