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USC Types of Secondary Data and Genomic Study Discussion

USC Types of Secondary Data and Genomic Study Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a health & medical discussion question and need support to help me understand better.

respond to this 2 peers’ Discussion Prompts

  • Respond to at least two of your classmates’ or instructor’s posts. Give your classmates input on the secondary data sources they have chosen. Are there any other funding sources they might consider?
  • ALL citations and references needs to be APA 7th edition format. THANK YOU!

Peers# 1

The two secondary data sources I might consider using for my signature assignment include: Publicly Available Data Sets: those allowed by governmental agencies to anonymized data sets (also called deidentified data sets) that have had all potentially identifying information removed from the files (Jacobsen, 2017) for instance, data from CDC regarding obesity in children The other option is using clinical records from the school, for that I would apply to gain access to patient records for research purposes (Jacobsen, 2019).

A funding source I think might be appropriate for this type of research is self-financing. I think that as people do some savings to pay for their college, travelling abroad or buying a car, same can happen with a study. Likewise, using platforms such as Kickstarter of GoFundMe is a great to obtain funds for your study without getting into the bureaucratic paperwork (Renwick & Mossialos,2017).

Self-financing your study gives you independence, although it is true that funds may be more restricted; it gives you more control over research directions, since, often times those who fund the study have different interests and can influence on the direction you want to give to your study.

Peers# 2

The topic I chose for my signature assignment is “Antibiotic Resistance a Public Health Issue”. For my project I would like to develop these points: 1) Surveillance systems of antibiotics use and resistance. 2) How human use antibiotics? 3) How they deal with antibiotic-resistance in healthcare settings? 4) is antibiotic-resistance in the food chain. Therefore, my first secondary website will be; (Links to an external site.) which is a website of National Center for Biotechnology Information that “advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic information” (NCBI – NIH, ). Further, this data source was created on November 4, 1988, their basic research is a national resource for molecular biology information, and they are able to to develop new information technologies in order to understand the fundamental of molecular and genetic processes that control health and disease. Additionally, they “conduct research on fundamental biomedical problems, they maintain collaborations with several NIH institutes, academia, industry, and other governmental agencies. They foster scientific communication, they support training, they engage members, they develop, distribute, support, and coordinate access to a variety of databases and software for the scientific and medical communities. Lastly, they develop and promote standards for databases” (NCBI – NIH, 1988).

Moreover, antibiotic resistance is a public health concern around the world, thus I chose this other data source to work on my signature assignment; This is a Canadian government data source that focus on health science and research activities, opportunities for funding “I might refer to them to funding my research”, and professional development, partnerships and investments in research. In addition, they monitor surveillance reports, databases, programs on food, drugs, radiation, diseases and infections.

Nevertheless, the funding source I might use for research topic would be; Research Affairs: Grants & contracts /Houston Methodist (Links to an external site.). At Houston Methodist, they practice Leading Medicine through integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and a commitment to excellence. They make the research innovations that grow from the partnerships of their clinicians and researchers accessible to patients, as quickly and safely as possible. They invite you to be part of their transformation and interdisciplinary research team.

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