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University of Nairobi Health Maintenance Protocols Exercise

University of Nairobi Health Maintenance Protocols Exercise

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Imagine that you are a nutritional assistant working alongside the lead dietitian at a local health and wellness center. You have been asked to help design a meal plan along with other nutrition and lifestyle improvements for the referred patient. Please provide the full analysis of the patient’s dietary intake. You may use any dietary analysis program that you are comfortable with. There are many available online for free. Here are some suggestions:
Please provide a list of all the food entries along with a table or organized listing of the total dietary intake of: calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, 3-4 vitamins, and 3-4 minerals. These estimated intake totals will reflect what the patient likely consumed based on what you entered into the nutrient analysis site.

Patient information: John is a 45-year-old Caucasian man. He resides in the southeast United States. He is married, with two children in middle school. John has been referred to your nutrition and wellness center by his primary care physician. John is concerned about his weight status, potential risk factors for heart disease, as well as his recent feelings of lethargy. The only clinical information that you have available to you at this point is his age (45), height: 5’10”, and weight: 255 lbs.

John’s dietary information/recall:

Wake up:1 x 18 oz. Monster™ energy drink.
On way to work:Drive-thru window at a local fast-food restaurant for a chicken biscuit, hash-browns, and 20-oz. cola soda.
Snack around 10:00 a.m.:Snickers® from vending machine or pretzels, and a piece of string cheese if his wife has packed him a snack that day (maybe twice a week).
Lunch around 12:30 p.m.:Only packs lunch from home about once a week and that is usually somewhat healthy (in his words), consisting of a white bread sandwich with, 4–5 oz. of luncheon meat turkey, 2–3 oz. American cheese, 2 tbsp. mayonnaise, and lettuce/tomato; 1 banana, 4 Chips Ahoy® cookies, and a 20-oz. cola drink (not diet).
Lunch:On the days that he goes out to eat (usually 4 days a week), he typically eats something like this: double cheeseburger combo meal with no pickles or onions (includes everything else: mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.). Upsizes the fries and drinks to large; may get a refill of cola soda before leaving to go back to the office.
Mid-afternoon:Red Bull Energy Drink™ (because, as his food diary reveals, he is often very drowsy in the hours following lunch).
Dinner:His wife makes some effort to cook healthier versions of foods that he will eat. He reports that an “average” home-cooked meal may include: whole wheat spaghetti noodles (his wife has transitioned him over to that) and turkey meatballs (unsure if they are lean, but he does know that they are frozen and they are the store brand. He reports having about 9–10 meatballs when a serving is 4–5). He is unsure of the amount of noodles but he says they “almost fill the bottom of the plate up.” The sauce is a jar/canned traditional spaghetti sauce. They also have “Texas toast” with cheese, and he has at least 2 slices.
Bedtime:Bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. He admits to eating well over the standard ½-cup serving. He estimates 2–3 times that amount of consumption.
Include John’s demographic information, including his height, weight, body mass index (BMI), and other lifestyle habits or medical history information that are concerning. Why are they of concern? What does research say?
Use the nutritional analysis information from his 1-day report to create a 2-day diet plan for John that reflects a healthy lifestyle he could maintain. What specific dietary changes are recommended for John? Provide at least three specific dietary or lifestyle recommendations along with the 2-day diet plan. Please include the calorie and macronutrient totals for each of the 2-day diet plans. Why did you choose this calorie range and macronutrient distribution (% of carbohydrates, % of protein, and % of fat) for this patient?

This assignment should be at least 2 pages in length, not including the meal plan charts or screenshots. You may include screenshots or tables of the meal plans/analysis. Be sure to include the totals for each of the recommended 2 days as well as the total calories and nutritional information for the “before” diet. Also, include at least three APA style references.

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