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University of Alabama at Birmingham Ken Burns Civil War Discussion

University of Alabama at Birmingham Ken Burns Civil War Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

1. For this extra credit opportunity, student will view episode 1 (The Cause) of The Civil War, a film by Ken Burns (about 90 minutes long).

Write and submit two paragraphs (7-10 sentences at a minimum). Follow all other directions for Reflections on the Syllabus. You will be grade on quantity and quality of content.

  • Briefly describe what Burns describes as the root causes of the war, the sparks that started the battle, and who starts out winning the war. Why do you think they started out winning the war?
  • Give detailed specific examples from the film to support your answers. Quotes are good but use them sparingly. I want to see more of your writing rather than quotes.
  • Tell me what surprised or interested you about the causes, the sparks, the armies. Does this follow along with what you read in the textbook or learned in class.

You might need to sign into UAB Libaries, select Database, then PBS to open this link. (Links to an external site.)

You can also watch this in class and on Netflix

2. For this extra credit assignment, I am going to allow you some freedom to create your own submission. It is two parts.

  • First pick one battle from the Civil War and discuss in your three paragraph submission.
  • You must introduce the battle, the date, the location, and the commanding officers. You must explain who “won” and why or how. Most importantly, why is this battle important? What is the significance of it?
  • Include interesting facts, observations and comments. Pick one that is interesting to you. If it is not interesting to you, it will reflect in your work. You can use any battle mentioned in the textbook or better yet, use this website (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
  • After you select the website, then select the battle. At the top of the battle page are several tabs that will reveal many details about the battle including interesting things like the music!
  • Include what you learned in your submission. If you decide to use another source, that’s good! Just be sure to cite your source. (Links to an external site.)
  • Second, provide one paragraph to explain if the Civil War between the North and South is still an ongoing conflict in one way or another. You should Google contemporary news article to provide facts, examples or evidence to your position. Cite your source. Send me a Canvas Inbox message if you have any questions.

3. As the semester comes to a close, I wanted to give you an opportunity share your feedback about this class.

I would like to hear from you about the assignments you enjoyed (or did not). Also, what did you think about the textbook and course resources?

This is your chance to earn points just for sharing your opinion! I still would like to see supporting evidence ūüôā

Feel free to let me know how you are doing this semester at UAB. Is this the only online course you are taking? If you are taking others, how does this one compare? Thanks!

4. For this optional extra credit assignment, student will consider Sullivan Ballou’s (a Northerner) letter to his wife Sarah. He wrote this letter home before the Battle of Bull Run. You can find the letter at the end of Ken Burn’s Civil War, Episode 1, The Cause. Here is a link to the letter—read it carefully. I also pulled in a link to just the letter. Fantastic!

  • Write one paragraph (7-10 sentences minimum) about the things the author said you believe are important.
  • Discuss something from the letter explaining about life in the U.S. at the time it was written.
  • Briefly include your personal opinion about the letter and discuss how the letter is relevant in today¬ís society.

Ballou’s letter and a short video from Ken Burns about the letter. (Links to an external site.)

Video clip from The Cause¬Ömust watch to complete assignment. (Links to an external site.)
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