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The River by Claude Monet and The Turning Road by Andre Derain Discussion

The River by Claude Monet and The Turning Road by Andre Derain Discussion

Question Description

The Assignment

The two paintings pictured above share the same subject: landscape. Claude Monet and Andre Derain created the two pictures just thirty-eight years apart. Both were painted in France. Compare and contrast these two paintings using what you have just learned about color.

  1. To begin with, which color term best describes the use of color in each painting: objective (representational) or subjective (abstract)? Why? Give examples of colors, and their location in the artwork, to support your choice.
  2. In Lecture 11, four types of color harmony were presented: monochromatic, analogous, complementary and triad. Which one of these four types seems to dominate each painting? Name the color harmony, name the colors from the artwork that make up the harmony, and give the location of these colors in each artwork.
  3. Would you say that the color temperature of each painting is mostly warm or cool? Is there some mixture of both? Describe the color temperature of each painting, name the colors from the artwork that create the temperature, and give the location of these colors in each artwork.
  4. Both Monet and Derain carefully chose their colors to create the feeling, or mood, (the content) of their landscape. How does the difference in the use of color affect the content of each painting? Describe the content of each, giving specific examples of the colors used and their location in the artworks.

Be sure to consult the two previous content items, “Helpful Information For TD Assignment”, and “More Help For TD Assignment” before writing your response.

A Threaded Discussion

A Threaded Discussion (TD) is designed to require students to both post their own responses to assignment questions, and to respond to the postings of other students.

Along with your own 500 word response to the assignment questions, you will be required to post one response to the assignment posting of another student. For the response to another student post, you should say something specific – and include a specific example from their post. The response should be at least 100 words in length – that’s a good four or five sentences. It should be enough to establish an example and to include intelligent comments. Your response to another student will be part of your overall score for the assignment. Be sure to complete this part of the TD assignment – even if you receive all the points for your own posted response, your overall score will fall to a “B”, if a response to another student is not included when the assignment is due.

You will not be able to view the posts of other students until you post your own.

Once posted, you will not be able to edit or delete your response.

You can add to your response by “replying” to your own posting, or by posting a new response with the edits and additions included. When I grade your TD, I will see everything you post together on your page.

The Fine Print

All things being equal, in terms of good quality, a response of 476-500 words earns 50 points; a response of 451-475 words earns 47-48 points; a response of 426-450 words earns 45 points (90 percent); a response of 401-425 words earns 42-43 points; a response of 376-400 words earns 40 points (80 percent); and so on, in 25 word increments.

You may exceed the 500-word length without penalty. As long as you stay on the subject at hand, I never discourage students from digging into the topic.

Spelling and grammar count. You’re using a computer; use spellcheck before posting your response.

Don’t post one solid block of text. Separate your text into paragraphs. This will make your response much easier to read and follow; it presents your ideas in a better form.

Remember that you are writing a response to a course assignment, not an email to your friend. Put your thoughts in order (refrain from the “stream of consciousness” style of writing). Don’t use “email english” in your response (“u” for “you”, “i” for “I”, all lower case letters, no punctuation, etc.).

Because I want everyone to be able to easily read your TD response, please do not post your response as an attachment.

I look forward to reading your second Threaded Discussion response.

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