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The Citadel Reducing Drug Circulation in Afghanistan Discussion

The Citadel Reducing Drug Circulation in Afghanistan Discussion

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I’m working on a political science discussion question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

1. Respond, 250 words, 1 source

Agree or disagree


“The United States has a policy of checks and balances that helpsreduce corruption within the government. The executive, legislative, andjudicial branches create and enforce laws and there are humaneconsequences when these laws are ignored. In contrast, Afghanistan’sgovernment has no checks and balances and it’s motivated by money.Violence and death are the enforcers. In Afghanistan, as we are seeingin each narco-state we study, corruption is at the heart of thegovernment. The GIRoA has had drug money funding officials of mostpositions, at one point this even included the head of Afghancounter-narcotics.

Throughout the years of the United States’ fight against terrorism,we have unintentionally been a part of designing Afghanistan’snarco-state. “Drug control wasn’t a priority,” says Jean-Luc Lemahieu,who was head of the U.N.’s Office on Drugs and Crime in Afghanistan from2009 to 2013. “Limiting casualties was, and if that meant engaging inunholy alliances with actors of diverse plumage, such was the case””(Aikins). These “unholy alliances” with drug lords helped put them inpower. In 2003, the DEA opened an office in Afghanistan in hopes ofdirectly fighting the drug surge. “The DEA program in Afghanistan isdesigned to deny narcotics generated funding to terrorism and theinsurgency, break the nexus between the insurgency and drug trafficking,promote the rule of law, and expose and reduce corruption, whilediminishing the overall drug threat from Afghanistan” (Future U.S.Counternarcotics 2). But while the U.S. is fighting to end the fundingof terrorists, the country of Afghanistan, which had previously housedthe drug business, is, itself, the drug business now.

Finding peace is quite the feat. A secure extradition policy would bebeneficial. “Political will, for some time now, the Government of theIslamic Republic of Afghanistan has had a draft extradition law underreview by their judicial system. Although the U.S. has had a number ofsuccesses in obtaining the transfer of significant traffickers fromAfghanistan, noteworthy challenges will remain until Afghanistan enacts acomprehensive and effective extradition law” (Wiles). In addition toextradition, vetting Afghan government officials is essential, andcontinuing a transparent line of communication a must. The U.S. shouldprovide the local farmers with crops that can replace the poppies sothat the farmers can continue to make a living and the economy canthrive. This will take more money, manpower, and time.

The U.S. should maintain a presence and keep the troops inAfghanistan. Reversing an entire economic strategy and reconstructing acorrupt and lawless government takes commitment, consistency, and a lotof time. It took generations for Afghanistan to get where it is today,it should be expected to take generations to get out. Although, contraryto the American public’s need for immediate gratification, to pull thetroops out would allow an easier path for the narco-terrorists tocontinue their infiltration. And I think it would be an insult to thosewho have already given their life for this fight only to have it be fornaught.”


Respond, 250 words, 1 source:

Agree or disagree

Contrast U.S. Government policy with GIRoA

The Government of the Islamic Republic ofAfghanistan (GIRoA) is structured off of a three branch governmentsystem similar to the United States to include an executive branch,legislative branch, and judicial branch. Much of this structure wasreconstructed after the United Nation Bonn Conference in 2001 whichconcentrated on political reconstruction to include a new constitution, apresidential election in 2004, and a National Assembly election in 2005(“United States Compared to Afghanistan”). While having a governmentstructure which was established and supported by partnering nations ofthe UN provides a strong backing on paper, and in aspects resembles thatof our own government structure, there are many exterior influenceswhich influence Afghanistan as a nation and those who serve in itspolitical positions. Of course, the United States itself has groups,unions, and overall movements which attempt to persuade the governmentinto enacting particular legislation. However, they are allorganizations which do not compare to the Taliban and roughly 19 otherterrorist organizations which are present just in Afghanistan alone(Nicholson). James Capra stated it best when he touched on thecomparison of these extremist organizations, their power, narcotics, anddirect correlation to political gain in country, “insurgent groups inAfghanistan utilize drug trafficking proceeds to advance their politicalagenda.” Simply put, “many experts say the Taliban is a powerfulfighting force that threatens Afghan democratic institutions, citizens’rights, and regional security” (Maizland). Furthermore, the Afghanistangovernment, those who are in public official positions, are reportedlybribed. While various positions throughout the government as a whole areeffected by bribery differently, the corrupt act still endures inprovinces, districts, municipalities, judges, prosecutors, and so on(“Corruption in Afghanistan”). While the United States Government is nopicture perfect political image by any means, there at least are checksand balances within the government as well as exterior news sources andjournalists who exploit, if need be, corruption to the public with muchreduced levels of fear when compared to a nation as Afghanistan. “

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