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STU Wk 5 Health Promotion Disease Prevention & Prenatal Care Response Discussion

STU Wk 5 Health Promotion Disease Prevention & Prenatal Care Response Discussion

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I’m working on a nursing discussion question and need an explanation to help me study.

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Faith Elizabeth

Case Study 2

Prenatal care is an extremely important factor in one’s healthcare during times of childbearing. Furthermore, preconception care can be equally as important, as it sets up women in child-bearing years for healthy pregnancies. As M.T. is preparing for the health fair, she can keep in mind that effective preconception care has been noted to benefit the health of women, infants, and families (Hussein et al., 2016). She should plan on educating these women and their partners on advice on nutrition, lifestyle, folate intake, smoking or alcohol use status, and potential screening for genetic diseases or diabetes (Hussein et al., 2016). A study conducted that educated a group of women, aged 18 to 45, to these previous topics found the participants to have a significant difference in total knowledge score on pregnancy-related risks and prevention between the intervention and control group in both women who had never been pregnant and those who had previously been pregnant (Hussein et al., 2016). This further shows that even though women could have a history of being pregnant, this does not mean that they shouldn’t be educated on preconception or prenatal topics, as there may be some knowledge gaps. Because M.T. sees clients from various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, she should also provide culturally-sensitive and specific education to the members of the healthcare, and offer local resources that could benefit members of all socioeconomic levels.

Culture holds a great relevance to the process of development. The culture in which one is raised within brings upon different traditions, education, and lifestyle practices that varies within different cultures and households. Culture influences ones development, and as such, all children should not be held to the same milestone standards, as value may not be placed heavily on certain milestones and there may be different expectations among different cultures. Aspects of culture that may affect the timing of milestones include parent-child relationships, parents’ values and childrearing techniques, different socialization pressures and patterns, level of independence for the child, and value placed on traditions (Peterson & Slaughter, 2017, p. 28-30). Furthermore, there are even more variations within the family unit regarding how culture is applied during the child’s development, so milestones should not be strictly applied, but instead used as a frame of reference.

Injury prevention interventions should be in place within the household regardless of the age of members in the house. This is even more important during the infancy period of a child’s life. From the time a baby is born until 6 months, some simple yet important items to own include a rear facing child passenger seat safely installed in each car, a non-recalled crib without parts that could pose a suffocation risk, and a baby-bath thermometer to use before placing the baby in a tub (Rady Children’s Hospital, 2021). Furthermore, babies should always be placed on their back to sleep, cribs should be free of toys, bottles, or blankets, babies should never be left unattended while bathing or on the changing table, and items that could pose a chocking risk should never be accessible to a baby (Rady Children’s Hospital, 2021). A piece of advice that M.T. can include in her education could be an encouragement for parents to crawl around their house and look around the rooms from their child’s perspective. All outlets at this level should include outlet safety covers, cushions and be placed on corners of the wall, and sharp objects or furniture should be removed. Furthermore, all cabinets at this level should also be free from potential poisons or medications and moved to higher cabinets that are not accessible to babies or small children. These are some simple interventions that any parent can accomplish before a new baby comes, and M.T. can help guide those at the health center by offering advice or even providing a checklist of safety interventions that should be in place.


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