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STU Wk 3 Health Promotion Disease Prevention & Individual Health Discussion

STU Wk 3 Health Promotion Disease Prevention & Individual Health Discussion

Question Description

  • You should respond to your peers by extending, refuting/correcting, or adding additional nuance to their posts.
  • All replies must be constructive and use literature where possible.

Natacha Milfort

Case Study One

In such a situation, I believe the decision is based on the priorities rather than the activities themselves. Traditional Indian procedures that are successful in coping with different patient problems would be acknowledged here, as the aim is to enhance outcomes. It is often essential to consider consequences when attempting to maximize an individual’s health capacity. As a consequence, there is a need for patient rehabilitation assistance. As a result, J.R’s step becomes appropriate if it improves quality and successful patient outcomes. Healthcare priorities are developed to encourage a healthier community. So, if mixing traditional Indian practices with modern Western techniques results in an improved outcome that can be checked, then it’s an excellent way to go. According to Pan et al. (2016), the evidence-based proofed procedure means a lot in determining appropriate healthcare. In this respect, if the procedure is shown to contribute to better patient outcomes, it will extend to most patients and healthcare facilities. Connection with poor and needy families can also help them escape medical attention and achieve healing.

An effective health assessment incorporates not only physiological parameters; please suggest other parameters that should be considered and included on health assessments to reach maximal health potential on individuals.

Families’ influence emerges after various stages of growth. When a period is unmarried, they generally have sole decision-making and preference of HealthCare. However, changes occur as they pass through the stages of family development. The first strategy involves family formation, in which an individual marries and has their first child. Second, when a couple has their last child, they enter the family extension stage. The completion of the extension phase is included in the third level. For example, it is defined by the beginning of children’s departure from home as they strive to earn a living and start new families (Chen, Brody & Miller, 2017). The fourth stage is the family contraction, which occurs when the children are all game and the father and mother are left alone. The final stage involves the dissolution process. When a partner dies, for example, the family companionship ceases.

Name the different family developmental stages and give examples of each one.

The family system has a significant impact on healthcare. In this situation, we will be unable to improve the family dynamic in terms of healthcare decisions. A senior member typically leads every nuclear family. Fathers are family leaders in all cultures, whether Indian, American, or other. As a result, they have clout in the decision-making process. The next stage includes the mothers, who assist the fathers in making decisions. Then the children will obey, with the senior and elder ones influencing the younger ones’ decisions. It’s one of the most common norms that can’t be avoided. Understanding the specifications of such agencies is important. According to Trost (2019), different family arrangements can result in various types of decision variances. A couple without children, for example, can have the same degree of decision-making as an extended family. In this respect, they would have a significant effect on medicine and healthcare lifestyles. A case in point is senior citizens’ propensity to embrace conventional healing practices in long-term care facilities. As a result, such families would profit most from J.R’s mixing modern Western practices with traditional Indian ones.

Describe family structure and function and the relationship with health care.

In general, various steps will be taken by families in their health promotion activities. Trost (2019) suggests that different family arrangements are correlated with different health statuses. Families with multiple genetic, chronic, or other inherited conditions have worse health outcomes. The healthcare fractionates are eager to consider the needs of the family system while proposing various healthcare activities. Although J.R’s behaviors may be permissible in some families, they are not in others.


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Trost, J. (2019). 25. The family life cycle. A problematic concept. In The family life cycle in European societies (pp. 467-482). De Gruyter Mouton.

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