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STU Wk 3 Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Health Improvements Discussion

STU Wk 3 Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Health Improvements Discussion

Question Description

  • You should respond to your peers by extending, refuting/correcting, or adding additional nuance to their posts.
  • All replies must be constructive and use literature where possible.

Faith Elizabeth Dennis

Case Study 2

Family strain can greatly affect any member of the family, especially the youth and adolescents. P.Q. is experiencing the effects that family strain has on the Hispanic members in his community, and he has the first-hand experience as a child of migrant farm workers. Hispanic and Latino youth have a high rate of sadness and hopelessness (35%), current alcohol use (34%), and current tobacco use (34%), so health promotion is incredibly important in this population (Perreira, 2019).The family structure directly impacts healthcare and health promotion, because the family’s capacity to nurture, care, protect, teach, and influence other members of the family make it an effective entry point in the promotion and maintenance of health (Perreira, 2019)

The five measures of family functioning include changes in interaction patterns, effective communication, ability to express emotions, responsiveness to needs of members as individuals, and problem-solving ability. Changes in interaction patterns describes the way in which members of the family interact with one another, especially through communication (Dai & Wang, 2015). The goal for these measures is to achieve mutual understanding between all parties involved. Assisting the family in developing these communication skills with one another would help support the potential gaps they are facing. The ability to express emotion within the family unit is also an important factor, as it has been found that repression of this expression can lead to unstable emotions and personality traits within family members (Dai & Wang, 2015). The needs of the individual are met not by family structure characteristics, but by the process of realizing and representing various functions in the family (Dai & Wang, 2015). Each member of the family are their own unique individuals and have their own set of needs, and fulfilling these needs will help better fulfill the family needs. And lastly, in order to maintain effective family functioning, the family must solve problems in which threaten the family’s functional capacity (Dai & Wang, 2015).All of these measures can be used together to overcome family concerns or strife, and to maintain a healthy family relationship.

An effective health assessment not only includes the physiological aspects of the clients, but also includes their social, psychological, cultural, family, socioeconomical, and lifestyle needs (Ndiwane et al., 2017). Conducting a health assessment simply by only focusing on the physiological needs of the client would be a disservice to the client. Many other factors play a huge part in their overall well-being, and all should be considered while creating that patient-provider relationship. The stages of family development include the independence stage, the coupling stage, the parenting stage, the empty nest, and the retirement or senior of life stage (Family Life Cycle, 2020). The independence stage is considered most critical, as young adults are starting to separate emotionally from their families (Family Life Cycle, 2020). This is when people develop intimacy skills and develop relationships. The coupling stage takes place when commitment to a new family unit or a new way of life to developed with another individual (Family Life Cycle, 2020). The parenting stage takes place over the course of parenting babies all the way through adolescents (Family Life Cycle, 2020). The empty nest stage begins when adult children begin to leave the home, and enter their independence stage (Family Life Cycle, 2020). And finally, the retirement or senior stage of life continues on to the end of life, and can be a stage of great change and fulfillment (Family Life Cycle, 2020).Each phase is unique and includes their own positive aspects and challenges, so the healthcare provider should be keen on which phase their client may be experiencing and help assist them through any perceived challenges.


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