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Stanford University Solow Growth Model and Macroeconomic Variables Questions

Stanford University Solow Growth Model and Macroeconomic Variables Questions

Question Description

I’m working on a economics question and need support to help me understand better.

General Information

  • The exam takes place on iLearn.
  • The exam has 2 parts: Part 1 starts at 4:00pm and lasts 45 minutes. Part 2 starts at 4:45pm and lasts 110 minutes; you will then have 15 minutes to upload any supporting documents (like graphs or calculations) on iLearn.
  • Carefully take photos of ALL your work (or scan) and make sure to upload everything.
  • If you have trouble uploading your work, do not panic, simply email everything to me ASAP.

More on Part 1 of Exam

  • Part 1 is available only between 4:00pm and 4:45pm; you must submit all answers on iLearn during that time.
  • Once the time runs out, you will not be able to make any further modifications to Part 1.
  • Part 1 has Multiple Choice and True/False questions. You must submit all answers for Part 1 on iLearn. (do not write answers down and then upload separately).
  • Pick the best answer for multiple choice questions. If you think there is an error in the question, make a note of it, answer the question as best as you can, and let me know AFTER the exam.
  • Part 1 has 20 questions in total. It is worth 20 points total (each question is worth 1 point).

More on Part 2 of Exam

  • Part 2 is available from 4:45pm to 6:35pm (110 minutes).
  • Part 2 will require written responses, where the points allocated to each question will be worth 5 points or higher; there will be multiple parts to a question.
  • Number of questions: NA (similar to exam 1).
  • Types of Questions: There will be a number of different types of questions ranging in length from short answer to longer problems, as well as numerical problems. Some questions will require calculations. Other questions will require analysis/discussion on a topic, where you be required to elaborate and provide economic reasoning along with your answer. Some questions may require that you explain as much as possible on a given topic. Graphs will be required for some questions.
  • You can submit written responses/discussions by uploading them along with you graphs/calculations on iLearn, or by writing them directly on iLearn in the space provided on the exam. It is up to you; do what you think will be easiest; except for the extra credit that MUST be submitted directly on the Exam (and cannot be uploaded).
  • If you choose to take photos of your written responses to upload, make sure it is legible so that I have the ability to grade it. Any graphs that may be required MUST be submitted/upload separately on iLearn as you have done for the Assignments and Midterm. If you don’t know how to submit photos, contact me immediately.o To ensure that you know what must be submitted separately and what CAN be submitted on the Exam directly, I will make a note on the Exam Questions to clarify this. Specifically, it will direct you to “Upload on iLearn” any additional documents. For questions that don’t need to be uploaded I direct you to “submit your answer in the space provided below or submit on iLearn”.
  • You will have the option to upload files directly in the question. Alternatively, once the time for Part 2 runs out, you will have 15 minutes to upload photos of any supporting documents separately in: “Part 2 Exam 2: Submit supporting documents HERE”. The deadline to upload your work here is 6:50pm. Since Part 2 ends at 6:35, once the time for Part 2 runs out, you will have 15 minutes to submit your work (without losing time during the exam). 15 minute is a sufficient time provided you begin uploading your work immediately after the exam ends at 4:35pm. If you have trouble uploading the photos EMAIL it to me ASAP.
  • Please do not submit your work using “apple pages” as I do all my work on a PC and cannot view these pages; photos/scans are fine. Also, do not submit your work in a zip file, submit each file separately so that it displays on iLearn.

Submitting answers for Part 1 and Part 2 directly on exam: (Same as for Midterm Exam)

  • Once you get to the end of the exam you will be asked to click on “finish attempt” which will save your answers. You then can click on “return to attempt” to review or change answer if you need to. Alternatively, you can click on “submit all & finish” to complete . iLearn will ask you to confirm that you intent to “submit all & finish” because once you click on that, you will NOT be able to return to any questions and make additional changes.
  • Lastly, if you do not click on “finish attempt” or “submit all & finish” before the deadline, iLearn will automatically submit all “open attempts”. So, even if you are reviewing the exam, and make changes, and then iLearn says that the time is up, all your changes will be saved!!!

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