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SOC 1750 North Hennepin Community College Homelessness in Families Case Study

SOC 1750 North Hennepin Community College Homelessness in Families Case Study

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I’m working on a social justice report and need a reference to help me learn.

Family problem paper – a case study (due March 21st)How do family problems affect families? In this assignment, you are asked to find a real caseof a family facing challenges, to study the dynamics, and to present your findings in an analysis.The objective of this assignment is for students to apply analytical skills and assess howchallenges impact families lives.Choose a familyChoose a family that faces or faced troubling conditions. I encourage you write about thefamily of someone else, but you can write about your own family. The identity of this family isnot important and can be concealed.What troubling conditions should you choose? Topics listed under the schedule in the syllabusor in the textbook provide reference lists to consider. The troubling conditions might be the resultof an external event, deteriorating relationship between family members, or enduring structuralimpediments confronting the family. It is also not uncommon to have multiple troublingconditions occur concurrently or consecutively.Describe and contextualize the caseIdentify and describe what the problems are. You can write about prior or ongoing problemsin the family. In addition, present an argument for the significance of the case. All familiesexperience some challenges, so it is important to demonstrate why this case is worthy ofattention. Sometimes the nature of the problematic conditions is sufficiently severe. In othertimes, specific circumstances exacerbate the impact of a mundane problem.In addition, provide broader context to the troubles confronting the family. For example, ifsingle-parenthood is the issue, you can place the family in the larger social context of increasingnumbers of single-parent families. You can discuss the general issues related to single-parenthouseholds. You should also be able to tell how typical or atypical the family of interest is.Causes, impact, and responsesThe problems are often a product of both personal and social circumstances. Discuss thestructural and proximate causes of the problems. There is often more than a single reason for theproblematic conditions. In addition, describe the effects on the family functioning; considerwhich family members are impacted and how. Lastly, identify any responses the family mighthave taken to cope and adapt. Some families take clear, explicit actions while others may reactless deliberately. Keep in mind that coping and adapting do not necessarily resolve the problems.RecommendationsOffer recommendations that can help or could have helped the family. The recommendationcan range from programs and practices to help families cope. The recommendation can alsoSOC 1750 Spring 2021include more structural solutions when public policies are relevant to the case. Consider whatpolicy measures may help alleviate the troubles or better equip families to cope with them.Writing and formatting requirementsThe minimum length of the final paper is 1,500 word. Format the writing in 12-sized fonts,double-spaced lines, with one-inch margins on all sides. We do not require any particularacademic reference style as long as citation sources are indicated. For the best readability onD2L, the recommended file format .pdf. Files in .rtf, .doc or .docx are also accepted. Please donot submit .pages files, as D2L lack the capacity to view these files.This is a formal paper. Please include an appropriate title. Edit and proofread your paperbefore submission to minimize any writing issues. Issues I commonly observed in students’papers include long paragraphs containing unrelated threads, run-on sentences, informallanguage, and issues with spelling or capitalization. Headings are not required, but they may helpkeep the paper organized.The Writing Center at North Hennepin offer appointments to help students with writing. Tocontact them or to make an appoint, please visit:…Evaluation criteriaThe assignment is worth 150 points towards the final grade.Components (points) RequirementsProblematic conditions(30)The paper describes conditions problematic to the family.Causes (25) The paper explores the causes of the conditions.Context (25) The paper places the case in a useful context.Impact and responses (30) The paper analyzes how the troubling conditions impact thefamily, and how the family copes and adapts.Recommendations (20) The paper discusses recommendations.

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