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SNHU Web Servers for Hosting the Content on the Company Website Discussion Paper

SNHU Web Servers for Hosting the Content on the Company Website Discussion Paper

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The final project for this course is due in Module Seven and is the creation of a report for a potential new office of the advertising firm described in Milestone One. To help you complete the project, you will complete two milestones that will be key sections of the final project.

In Module Three, you submitted Milestone One, where you composed the first and second sections of the project: the introduction and the section on local area network (LAN) topology. In Milestone Two, you will continue your work toward the final project by composing the next two sections of the final project.

In Milestone Two, you will also need to review the scenario described in Milestone One and the requirements for the final project. Consider the critical parts that your final project should include and study the rubric that will be used to assess your work.

Here is the focus for the final project:

  • How would you approach setting up the network at the new location in Fayetteville, NC?
  • What considerations are key in informing the systems and resources necessary to meet the organization’s needs and support the business goals and objectives?

Keep in mind, however, that your work for Milestone Two involves only sections III and IV of the final project. Therefore, for Milestone Two, the main goal of your report is as follows:

  • Explain key considerations for identifying an internet service provider for the new location and recommend the appropriate provider to match the business case.
  • Address considerations and make recommendations regarding hardware and software selection, printer configurations, and bandwidth that address business needs.
  • Illustrate these considerations graphically in a network diagram (using Word,, Visio, or Lucidchart).


  1. Internet Service Provider: This section is based on research into actual providers at the new office location.
    1. Explain key considerations for identifying an internet service provider for the new location.
    2. Compare at least two internet providers available on the basis of speed, security, and reliability.
      • Be sure to address how these specifics would impact business goals and objectives.
    3. Based on your analysis, determine the appropriate internet provider for this location to meet the business goals and objectives. Be sure to explain your reasoning.
  2. Additional Configurations: In this section, you will address the accompanying considerations for the network based on the needs of the new office location.
    1. Identify hardware and software solutions to meet the needs of the new office location. Be sure to explain your reasoning.
    2. Identify a printer configuration solution to meet the distance printing needs of the new office location.
      • This could include such printer configuration considerations as tracking devices, automating driver distribution, and controlling access.
    3. Identify bandwidth and device solutions to meet the teleconferencing needs of the new office location. Be sure to explain your reasoning.
  3. Network Diagram
    1. Include a network diagram that illustrates the recommended technical network configuration of the hardware and software, taking into account the recommended LAN topology from Milestone One. Use a diagramming tool of your choice.
      • The diagram should identify the relationships between:
        • Subnets
        • Network objects and devices
        • Routing protocols and domains
        • Traffic flow and network segments
    2. Paste the diagram into the final Word document, rather than submitting a native file from your chosen drawing application.

The following resources support the diagram work on the project:

Microsoft: Add a Drawing to a Document
As part of your proposal, you need to include a diagram. This document provides step-by-step instructions for creating drawings using the tools available through Microsoft Office. You do not have to use Microsoft Office to create the diagram, but it is an option.—Quick Start Video (1:35)
If you decide not to use Microsoft to create your diagram, you have the option to use This video provides a demonstration of the tools and capabilities of

Visio 2016
You can also choose to use Visio to create your diagram. This tutorial includes information that may be helpful to you when creating your diagram.

Getting Started in Lucidchart: The Basics
Lucidchart is another application for creating a diagram. This resource shows you how to use Lucidchart to create diagrams.

Guidelines for Submission

Your work must be submitted as a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA formatting. Remember to copy and paste your diagram into this document instead of submitting a separate file for your diagram.

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