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SIMPATH 440 American Sentinel University Case Management Implementation Plan Paper

SIMPATH 440 American Sentinel University Case Management Implementation Plan Paper

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Activity 1

Case Management Implementation Plan

Create a plan to implement case management at your workplace. What is your recommended plan for the use of case managers in your organization for patients with your chosen chronic illness? Identify people within your organization who are stakeholders or would support your plan. Whose support do you need to get your plan implemented? Identify your goals – what do you hope to accomplish with your case management plan?

Often, starting with our goals helps – it’s a backwards design. As we think about a case management plan we are proposing for our workplace, what do we want to accomplish? Remember – goals should be measurable. For example, if the chosen chronic disease is diabetes, one goal may be:

  • Clients will have decreased incidences of hyperglycemia requiring hospitalization

Once we determine what we want to accomplish, we can begin to construct our plan to achieve the goal. To achieve this goal, our plan may include providing education in a manner the client can understand (being sensitive to cultural needs), access to phone support, or inputting glucose readings into their electronic health record for documentation the case manager can evaluate and use to reach out to the client.

To put this plan in action, whose support would we need? Primary Care Physicians, Utilization Review personnel, and the Chief Financial Officer would all have an interest in optimizing patient health and reducing costs.

Reading and Resources

Read Ferrier, G. D., & Trivitt, J. S. (2013). Incorporating quality into the measurement of hospital efficiency: A double DEA approach. Journal of Productivity Analysis, 40(3), 337-355.

Search the site for US Department of Health and Human Services “Hospital Compare” and use the interactive database to compare and contrast health plans, hospitals, etc. How might you use this site with patients as a case manager?

Additional Instructions:

  • All submissions should have a title page and reference page.
  • Utilize a minimum of two scholarly resources.
  • Adhere to grammar, spelling and punctuation criteria.
  • Adhere to APA compliance guidelines.
  • Adhere to the chosen Submission Option for Delivery of Activity guidelines.

Submission Options:

Choose One:



  • 4 to 6-page paper. Include title and reference pages.

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

  • 8 to 10 slides. Add title and reference slides.
  • Follow Rules of 7.

Other media (Prezi, etc.) presentation

  • 8 to 10 slides with speaker notes. Add title and reference slides.
  • Follow Rules of 7.

Video Presentation

  • 5 to 8-minute video presentation.
  • Attach reference page or include in video.
  • Professional appearance and background.
  • Video submissions must include a script in Word format, submitted through Turnitin for an Originality Report.


  • Table with appropriate columns and headers.
  • Include title and reference pages.

Graphs or other illustrations

  • Graphs or illustrations with appropriate labels. Include title and reference pages.


  • Poster utilizing any applicable poster template. Include visual graphics/images/other formats for visual appeal. Include appropriate title and references on poster.

Note: Title and reference pages/slides do not count towards the count requirements.


Collaboration for Improving Outcomes – Case Management Implementation PlanDescription: The baccalaureate graduate nurse will demonstrate teambuilding andcollaborative strategies when working with interprofessional teams to deliver evidence-based,patient-centered care.Course Competency: 4) Coordinate the care of individuals across the lifespan utilizingprinciples and knowledge of interdisciplinary models of care delivery and case management.QSEN Competencies: 1) Patient-Centered Care 2) Teamwork and Collaboration 3) Evidence Based PracticeBSN Essential VIArea GoldMasterySilverProficientBronzeAcceptableAcceptableMastery notDemonstratedImplementationplan.Constructs animplementationplan.Explains animplementationplan.Lists elements ofanimplementationplan.Does not provideanimplementationplan.Gain Buy-in Proposesapproach to gainbuy-in from keystakeholders.Indicates anapproach to gainbuy-in from keystakeholders.States anapproach to gainbuy-in from keystakeholders.Does not discussan approach togain buy-in fromkeystakeholders.Key Outcomes Examines keyoutcomes of thecasemanagementplan.Identifies keyoutcomes of thecasemanagementplan.Lists keyoutcomes of thecasemanagementplan.Does not discusskey outcomes ofthe casemanagementplan.APA, Grammar,Spelling, andPunctuationNo errors inAPA, Spelling,and Punctuation.One to threeerrors in APA,Spelling, andPunctuation.Four to sixerrors in APA,Spelling, andPunctuation.Seven or moreerrors in APA,Spelling, andPunctuation.References Provides two ormore references.Provides tworeferences.Provides onereferences.Provides noreferences

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