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Rutgers University Career Management Financial Literacy Reflection Paper

Rutgers University Career Management Financial Literacy Reflection Paper

Question Description

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Complete the following 3 reflection activities. Your job is to reflect to EACH segments respective material in a short one page paragraph roughly 200~250 words each. Complete all 3 reflections in accordance with the rubric of achievement shown below. Reflect upon what you know and have learned from the given materials for each of the THREE reflections.

Reflection 1: Career Readiness

This segment, you will learn about eight “Skills for Success” based on National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Career Competencies and begin to evaluate your skills as they relate to these skills. We will focus on long term career management strategies, including SMART goals, value propositions, and professional speaking skills. For your first reflection piece, take into consideration discussions about career competencies and skills, goal setting, and your value proposition. 

Article – Competencies Valued by Employers 

Article – Are College Graduates Career Ready? 

Handout – NACE Career Readiness Fact Sheet 

Webpage – Develop Skills for Success

Reflection 2: Financial Literacy

This segment will focus on financial literacy, including the basics of how to develop a personal budget; an overview of taxes, savings, and investment, and searching for affordable housing and transportation for you financial situation. Consider the materials and complete a reflection assignment that focuses on what you have learned about managing your money and how you might approach this process after graduation. Please include in your reflection at least one aspect of financial literacy that you knew going into this section. Is there more that you want to know about budgeting, saving or investing and if so, what resources might you use to learn more?

Article – Separate Wants and Needs 

Article – Budgeting Basics 

Article – Monthly Savings 

Article – How to Save for a House

Reflection 3: Career Management

This segment will discuss professional skills that will help you to engage in ongoing career management. Activites will center around the basic skills needed to transition from college to the workplace. We will discuss how to approach evaluating a job offer and professional communication skills. You will reflect upon what you’ve learned about career management, the meaning of work, and how your values and identity(ies) impact your career development.

Content in this module will address the following NACE skills:
  1. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  2. Oral/Written Communication
  3. Teamwork/Collaboration
  4. Professionalism/Work Ethic
  5. Self-Awareness & Career Management
  6. Global Perspective
    1. Article – How to Evaluate, Accept, Reject, or Negotiate a Job Offer 
    2. Handout – Negotiating the Job Offer 
    3. Article – Rules of Email Etiquette

Rubric: ALL three reflections must meet these expectations and at least 200 words each

Reflective Thinking–

  • Meets Expectations – Submission clearly demonstrates the student’s thinking and learning processes, as well as implications for future learning and development.

Critical Thinking & Analysis–

  • Meets Expectations – Submission provides an in-depth analysis of the learning experience, the value of the learned content, and the enhancement of the student’s appreciation for the content as it relates to the post-grad transition.

Making Connections–

  • Meets Expectations – Submission articulates connections between the learning experience/module content and past learning, life experiences, and/or future goals.

Organization & Mechanics–

  • Meets Expectation – Submission includes language and mechanics that clearly communicates meaning with clarity and is virtually error-free. Submission is well organized and easy to follow.

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