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PSYC 3480 University of Guelph Trait and Perfectionism Discussion

PSYC 3480 University of Guelph Trait and Perfectionism Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a psychology discussion question and need support to help me study.

Note: In this unit, there are five potential discussion themes available for your consideration. You should select three different discussion themes and submit one initial post that begins a discussion thread and two responses to your group members’ posts in the appropriate discussions area. If you are the first person to submit a post, do not forget to indicate the title of the question (e.g. Trait and Performance Discussion). Moreover, do not worry to be the initiator of a discussion; other students who are interested in the theme(s) will join you soon to keep the discussions running.

  1. Trait and Performance Discussion: What role, if any, do traits have as causes of athletic performance? In your opinion, are traits simply inferences of behaviour?
  2. Theories of Personality Discussion: Of the different theories of personality that have been described which one in your opinion would be most useful vs. which one would be least useful in understanding and explaining the relationship between personality and sport participation?
  3. Perfectionism Discussion: Discuss the differences between maladaptive and adaptive perfectionism.
  4. Mental Toughness Discussion: What do you consider to be the attributes of mental toughness? You should also try to identify a professional athlete or Olympic athlete who has demonstrated all or most of these attributes.
  5. Sport Performance Discussion: How is self-esteem and self-concept influenced by sport performance? In turn, how do they influence sport performance?

Using the Unit 02 Thematic Discussions area for your group, you should discuss three of the theme(s) above with your classmates. You are expected to submit one initial post that begins a discussion thread AND respond to two different thematic posts of your classmates. Your response to other students’ comments should reflect your agreement or disagreement with their views and the reasons behind your decision.


Across the course units (01-05 and 07-10), there are discussion activities that require your active, weekly participation in group discussions. Students will be placed in small groups to promote collaborative learning. Select Groups from the Tools dropdown menu to view your group.

The purpose of the discussion is to build on the knowledge gained from the required reading and CourseLink unit modules to critically reflect on themes related to each unit in the course.

With the exception of Unit 06, each unit includes five potential discussion themes for consideration. Students are required to select three different discussion themes (out of the five potential choices) and post one 150-250 word paragraph for each unit theme selected. A total of three posts should be submitted for each unit and must be related to different unit themes. To encourage idea sharing and interaction, students are expected to submit one initial post that begins a discussion thread by Wednesday and also complete two responses to group members’ posts by end of the week (Sunday).

Only one initial post and two responses (each related to a different unit theme) will be graded.

The due dates for unit discussion posts are listed in the Schedule (see above). All three posts for the unit must be submitted to the group discussion by the due date. Late discussion posts will not be graded.

Important Note: Review the Late Policy under Course Specific Standard Statements in this Outline.

Discussion posts will be evaluated throughout the term. Unit posts will be graded on the basis of knowledge/critical thinking, clarity of communication, quality/conciseness of writing, accuracy/relevance of academic content, and timeliness/frequency of posts.


  • Textbook (Revel for Sport and Exercise Psychology):
  • Chapter 2 Personality in Sport and Exercise

  • e-Book (Enhancing Performance):
  • Chapters 20, 23, 24, 30, and 38

  • Unit 02 website content (i will send you the link)
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