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PSCI 184S UC Irvine Covid-19 Well Being Intervention Project Discussion Questions

PSCI 184S UC Irvine Covid-19 Well Being Intervention Project Discussion Questions

Question Description

I’m working on a psychology project and need support to help me learn.

I need a psychology major tutor, if you are not, please do not accept this post, it will need many major knowledge.

This project has two parts:a proposal and a final intervention submission. ( total worth 25% of course final grade, I will not accept a grade below 23%, make sure you can do that before you bids this post)

you must finish proposal by the deadline, for final project, I can add you extra time.)

I will give you the relate course materials after you accept this post.

I will give you some proposal examples, they will be helpful for you, but YOU CANNOT plagiarism!!

The instruction and requirements are all in the document, so please read carefully before you start the work!

Also, remeber to satisfied the rubric, after you finish the work, do a checklist for rubric, use different symbols to mark each rubric, to show me you satisfied them.

The content below here is simple instructions, after read them, you still need to go through the document, the details are in the documents.

Covid-19 Well-Being Intervention Project:

Your well-being, including the well-being of the entire planet is suffering this quarter as we continue to face physical distancing, closed institutions, illness related quarantine, illness, and potentially the loss of loved ones or important events due to Covid-19. Your project this quarter will be to develop an intervention that you think will be especially helpful in improving well-being for people during THIS PERIOD of time. This will involve a brief proposal (4 pages written or done via video/powerpoint/podcast etc.) and a final product that people can use to improve their wellbeing.

Your task will be to brainstorm an idea (either alone) or as part of a group that could improve well-being in some way during this difficult time (e.g., improve loneliness, decrease stress, enhance happiness, increase trust, improve feelings of connection, enhance life meaning, encourage better self-care, lengthen or improve sleep, improve optimism for the future, help celebrate savor something good, etc. etc.). You will be offered class time to generate ideas, then, working alone or with a group (1-10 people), you will first turn in a proposal that describes your idea, as well as a brief background and TWO research articles that support that this idea will work (with an APA style reference section). You will also submit a brief method description how you will test your intervention out (e.g., what well-being outcome are you trying to change, how will you test it?). Finally, if working with others, you will also submit a group division of responsibilities contract in addition to a “what if” scenario if you have someone in your group that does not meet the required work. After you receive feedback from the TAs on your project, you will then pilot test it and tweak it into your final version.

For the final project, we encourage you to make something easily digestible and fun that can be easily disseminated to the public. This could be a brief youtube video, tik tok video, a set of instructions for an activity in a PDF document, a worksheet, a set of pictures, a podcast, an online game, etc. You have complete flexibility on what the final project intervention looks like. Our goal is to enhance the greater good and create a bank of fun and research based well-being raising activities that can be easily shared with friends, family, other students. We will post your projects on a publicly available website so that this bank of activities can be distributed to those who need it the most and so that you can share it with your loved ones to improve their well-being.

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