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Prairie View A&M University What Makes This Generation Different Essay

Prairie View A&M University What Makes This Generation Different Essay

Question Description

I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft to help me study.

Please add to my paper and help me to revise what I already have. I have named my generation “Generation- D” for diversity. Please read over my work and add citations that best fit the main points I want to hit. Clearly construct the essay’s thesis and body paragraphs.

Assignment #3: Name Your Generation


“A frantic race to name the next generation of American consumers may be nearing the finish line. The winner could walk off with fame, fortune–and way cool bragging rights,” asserts Brue Horovitz of USA Today. Just think: you could be the winner! Fame? Fortune? Way cool bragging rights? Why not you?

What if YOU were the person who came up with the new name? Stranger things have happened! Think of it this way: Unlike most people who are writing about this generation, you are actually a MEMBER of it. So, you can combine your experience with what you discover in your research. This is a research-driven, persuasive essay. They have been called many names: Millennials, Generation Z, Generation Next, Nexters, Echo boomers, The Net Generation, The Internet Generation, Mypods, and even Generation Wii. The latest is the Covid Generation. What do YOU think they should be called? (To avoid having to start over, run it by me before you get too far in.) All you have to do is come up with a name (maybe not the less informed name you used on the diagnostic) and give us three of four good reasons–from research and experience–why this might be a valid name.

This project will involve some FUN research. For the next several days, make learning about your generation your HOBBY. Pretend you have are being paid $100 per hour to learn everything you can about your generation. Begin your research by Googling some of the names listed above and the articles I provided below. Google Scholar is also an excellent search engine. Cite as many sources as you like, but have at least three with author (the name of a human being) and title. As always, I am here to help. Make this your pastime over the next few weeks, and you will be pleased with the results. Due dates, length requirements, and other guidelines are in the syllabus.


Grading Rubric:

Creativity (name, title, intro, thesis, evidence, conclusion) 33%

Organization, evidence, and research 33%

Grammar and MLA form 34%


Helpful checklist:

____Writing Center slip stapled to the front is a five-point bonus

____ No staple -3

____ Missing first draft -5

____No obvious revision between drafts -10

____Missing response sheets from class workshop -5

____Use of second person “you” -2 each (no more than -25 total) (First person “I” is acceptable.)

____Failure to underline the four phrases -4 each

____Incorrect use of the four phrases -2 each

____Sources without an author or title -5 each

____Missing sources -10 each

____Incorrect MLA Form (see -5

____Missing Works Cited Page -20

____Failure to cite three sources within the text of the document -5 each

____Late drafts -5 per calendar day (not class day) (Grade of zero after two weeks.)

____Late to class with final draft (less than 20 minutes) -3

____Short of the minimum -5 and up, depending upon how short it is.

____ Missing the revision workshop -10

____Failure to hand in a final draft of any of the four major assignments -300


Further reading to get you started:

“After Gen X, Millennials, what should next generation be” …

“Why The ‘Z’ In ‘Gen Z’ Means ‘Zombie’” –

“The Perfect Name For The Next Generation Of Americans”

“From GIs To Gen Z (Or Is It iGen?): How Generations Get” … ›

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