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Pasadena City College Psychology Questions

Pasadena City College Psychology Questions

Question Description

I’m working on a psychology multi-part question and need support to help me learn.

1. ______________ a cluster of neurons in the brain that grow with experience and become specific to certain tasks.


2. ______________ is a part of the language association area that interprets speech and if damaged leads to



3. _______________ are connected to the cell body and receive the information carried by the

neurotransmitters after they travel across the synapse.


4. _______________ allow researchers to see what areas of the brain are most active during certain tasks.


5. _______________ is a wide band of axon fibers that facilitate contralateral control in the brain but when

severed, only hampers certain specific tasks.


6. _______________ connect the fatty coverings around the axons and they also help with the speed of

neural impulses.


7. _______________ controls arousal. When not being stimulated it causes us to doze off and helps keep us

active when we need to be, like when we stress about psychology tests.


8. _______________ in conjunction with the autonomic nervous system secretes epinephrine and

norepinephrine in times of danger.


9. _______________ is a brief electrical charge that travels from the neuron’s cell body and is also known

as a nerve impulse.


10. _______________ is a system that is linked with memory, emotions, and drives and it contains this

neural center: the hippocampus.


11. _______________are characteristics or behavior patterns determined by genetics.

12. _______________ are our bodies natural opiates that are released in response to pain and vigorous



13. _______________ it is composed of billions of neurons and their connections and is what allows us to

think, plan, use language, and have fine motor control among other things.


14. _______________ is a genetic disorder that results in muscle impairment and may be passed on to

children without knowing because of it’s late onset.


15. _______________ is made up of the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.

16. _______________ is the topmost part of the brain that deals with sensory information such as pressure

and temperature and contains one of the cortexes.


17. ______________ send information from the bodies senses to the brain, they are also known as


18. _______________ is when one hemisphere of the brain functions on the same side of the body.

19. _______________ is a part of the nervous system that is a dual self regulating system that influences

the glands and muscles of our internal organs.


20. _______________ is when a part of the brain gets damaged and causes an inability to organize


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