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Miami Dade College The Position and Role of Friendship in Nel and Sula Paper

Miami Dade College The Position and Role of Friendship in Nel and Sula Paper

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Documented Literary Analysis – The Position and Role of Friendship in Nel and Sula


Friendship is key in shaping our life journey. In his novel, Toni Morrison understands this phenomenon to the core. Two of his preeminent characters in the “Sula Novel” epitomizes the functionality, position and impact of friendship. The deep-seated paradigm of friendship is sometimes used for motley missions but the story written by Nel and Sula is monstrous with affection and commitment to identity formation. In the novel, female sisterhood and bonding are of essence and powerful instinct. In this essay, the discussion illuminates the depths of friendship and identity formation as a thematic expression. The bond of friendship between the two ladies dates back their early days and childhood. In a nutshell, this essay is designed and aimed at discovering and interpreting the role, impact and position of friendship in the lives of Sula and Nel, as well as present identity formation as an outcome and paradigm of lifelong friendships.


Since their first meet-up, Nel and Sula have discovered what they deeply missed in their respective families. The two are connected by a unique force that reminisces the role of motherhood. In both of them, family love and bond made by parents was missing. They are desperate for a touch of mother’s love. Worse enough, their fathers are all missing. With Sula’s father dead and Nel’s away, the affection, connection and relationship created by parents is nowhere for the duo. The thirst for a mother’s love brings the duo closer to each other (Yang 9). The special attachment yields a mammoth sense of relief from the agony of missing the affection and connection depicted by the presence of a mother.


In their friendship, they built the attribute and elemental sense of sisterhood. Nothing separates their freedom of sharing sensitive emotions with each other. Sula is Nel’s confidant and none shies from speaking their minds to one another. Being comfortable in sharing with Sula, Nel epitomizes the heights of sisterhood. Furthermore, despite a negative spot in the society, Sula and Nel stands for what is good for each one of them. “Because each had discovered years before that they were neither white nor male, and that all freedom and triumph was forbidden to them, they had set about creating something else to be” (Morrison 50). The duo is a powerful image of friendship, the best girlfriends and bosom friends, sharing immense understanding and commonality of their needs and life challenges.


In his literary work, Morrison tries to depict black women in shaping identity formation through intrigues of lifelong friendship. As black women, they were facing overwhelming challenges such as fighting sexism, derogative feminism and lack identity. The harsh environment did not dwindle the dreams of seeking reputable identity. In the middle of a repugnant cloud of white feminist movement, they don’t tire to perceive the black women identity. American women did not reveal any concern for black women, and this pushed Sula and Nel to bond on the chemistry of their color identities (Hooks 142). They used it as an antidote to overcome the subjugation directed to them as black women.


From the narration of Tony Morrison, the loneliest woman in the entire globe is the one with no woman friend. His understanding shows that women are inviable sources of energy and pillar of strength. At one time, Sula lost her contact with Nel and things were never the same. A big lose ensued to Nel since she lost a special person who “made her see old things with new eyes, and her presence made her clever and gentle” (Morrison 95). After marriage Nel incepted a new dawn of their relationship. She became more and more silent while Sula ran to Jude and successfully established a new promiscuous relationship.


In conclusion, the robust friendship bond between Nel and Sula was vitally essential in the novel. They demonstrated unwavering heart of motherhood, sisterhood and united front against oppression. Their intense sense and taste of relationship is a wake-up call for women to shelf hatred, selfishness and discord to help each other especially at times of trials and difficulties. Morrison helps women to build female relationships and unending trust as they bring out sisterhood in their struggles and fight for identity.

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