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MGMT 101 Morgan State University Management Exam Practice

MGMT 101 Morgan State University Management Exam Practice

Question Description

I’m working on a management multi-part question and need an explanation to help me learn.

This is 25 questions about chapters 14, 15, and 16. I have 20 of them correct, and only 5 were wrong. I hope you can help me and find the 5 mistakes and fix them properly.

Question 1

A budgeting approach in which every expense in every budget must be justified is referred to as ____ budgeting.





efficient market

Question 2

A computer system that provides managers and employers with the information they need to perform their jobs as effectively as possible is a(n)

decision-support system (DSS).

expert system.



management information system (MIS).

Question 3

A specific date on which an organization is to repay money borrowed

payback date.

term loan agreement.

maturity date.

Initial Public offering (IPO)

net income.

Question 4

Assets that can be converted quickly into cash or that will be used in one year or less are

intangible assets.

current assets.

owners’ equity.

current liabilities.

revenues assets

Question 5

Beginning inventory + net purchases – ending inventory =

gross sales.

operating expenses.

cost of goods sold.

net profit before taxes.

gross expenses

Question 6

Between December 10, 2019 and December 15, 2019, Bowie State Entrepreneur University started selling its university merchandise to generate income. During that time period it was realized that there was a merchandise that generated more revenue than other merchandize. This merchandize was a source of revenue flowing into the university. What is this source of revenue known as

cash flow

revenue stream

inflow revenue



Question 7

Cash, inventory, and equipment are listed as ____ on a firm’s balance sheet.





owners’ equity

Question 8

Cincinnati Bengals utilizes technology to detect the moods, attitudes, and emotions of its social media fan to determine how they feel after each game. This process of accessing is known as:


sentiment analysis.

a KPI.

cloud computing.


Question 9

Dallas Cowboy management wanted to know from their fans what they need to do to get to the playoff, so Jerry Jones outsourced some tasks to their generation Z fan base to get some ideas. What exactly is Jerry Jones doing to get idea from his generation z fan base?

He is outsourcing his generation z fan base

He is crowdfunding his generation z fan base

He is crowdsourcing his generation z fan base

He is cloudsourcing his generation z fan base.

He is reaching out to his generation z fan base

Question 10

Do the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flow contain all the information you might want as a potential leader or stockholder?

no, the three statements are not enough.

yes, the three statements are enough

maybe, the three statements are not enough

the reading of the stock prospectus would assist

No, the three statement are adequate enough

Question 11

How can confidential data and information (such as the wages of individual employees) be kept confidential and yet still be available to managers who need them?

confidential data can be kept confidential by “locking” them with a special code or password. Only those managers who knows the special code or password would have access to those records.

create a two-tier authentication level of security for confidential data

request that managers that need the data ask for it when they need it

Provide access to all the employees to make sure that all employees cconfidential data and information are acceeible

make data and information available to managers when needed

Question 12

In an effort to reduce expenses and improve accessibility, Denver Nuggets are now using a type of computer in which services stored on the Internet are provided to their main office employees on a temporary basis. This innovative and agile approach is known as

data mining.

cloud computing.

a cookie.


malware. Question 13

Joe Flacco LLC is selling jerseys and sporting equipment’s to Robert Griffin III Inc (a sport therapy consulting bontique). The model being used here is




Internet 2B

e-business 2C

Question 14

Lamar Jackson was impressed by Dr. O teaching capabilities that he created a short phrase “#Management101isawesome”. What did Lamar Jackson do here?

He established a social media presence

He created a hashtag to acknowledge Dr. O teaching style

He automatically improves his web presence

He shared information about Dr. O teaching style online

He sorts public input about Dr. O teaching style

Question 15

Money that will be used for one year or less are

promissory note

current assets

short term financing

corporate bond

revenue assets

Question 16

Revenues – cost of goods sold – expenses =

fixed assets.

owners’ equity.

net sales.

gross profit.

net income before taxes.

Question 17

Revenues – cost of goods sold – expenses =

fixed assets.

owners’ equity.

net sales.

gross profit.

net income before taxes.

Question 18

The most popular and inexpensive form of short-term financing is


promissory notes.

commercial paper.

unsecured bank notes.

trade credit.

Question 19

The prime interest rate is the

highest rate charged by a commercial bank.

average rate charged by a commercial bank.

lowest rate charged by a commercial bank.

rate charged by the Federal Reserve Bank for business loans.

rate charged by the SEC for business loans.

Question 20

The use of borrowed funds to increase the return on owners’ equity is

equity capital.

Fed financing.

common stock financing.

financial suicide.

financial leverage.

Question 21

Washington Redskin computer system was infiltrated by a software without the knowledge of their IT personnel. The infiltration disrupted their normal computer activities which impacted the way the play every weekend. This software is known as:


Denial of Service


Cloud computing

Inbound marketing

Question 22

When a bank or other financial institution approves a loan before the money is actually needed

letter of credit.

line of credit.


revolving credit agreement

trade credit

Question 23

Which of the following ratios measures how effectively a firm is transforming sales into profits?

Return on sales

Return on owners’ equity


Current turnover

Earnings per share

Question 24

Which of the following types of accounts would not be listed on a firm’s balance sheet?

Current liabilities

Current assets

Operating expenses

Fixed assets

Intangible assets

Question 25

Which of the following would be allowed to elect a corporation’s board of directors?

Corporate management

Common stockholders

Corporate bondholders

Long-term lenders


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