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MATH 160 Cuyamaca College Statistics Question

MATH 160 Cuyamaca College Statistics Question

Question Description

I’m working on a statistics discussion question and need an explanation to help me study.

Progress Check

Use this activity to assess whether you and your peers can:

  • Interpret the P-value in context.

Learn by Doing

Use the rubric at the bottom of this page as a guide for completing this assignment.


Submit your work:

  • Commit a good-faith effort to address all items in the Prompt section below. Please be sure to number your responses.

Complete your assigned peer reviews:

  • After you submit your initial good-faith attempt, continue to the ANSWER(S) page and review your instructor’s response. But please do not submit your corrected work yet.
  • Within three days after the due date, return to this assignment and complete your assigned peer reviews (directions (Links to an external site.)).

Submit your corrected work:

  • We all learn from mistakes (our own and our classmates’ mistakes). So please do not immediately correct your own mistakes. If possible, wait until you receive feedback from at least one of your peers.
  • If necessary, correct your work and resubmit the entire assignment. Your instructor will only review and grade your most recent submission, so please do not refer to a previous submission.


The Pew Research Center reported in 2018 that 68% of U.S. adults rated “reducing health care costs” as a national priority. This year a survey is conducted with a national sample of 1,505 U.S. adults selected by a combination of landline and cell phone random digit dials. This year’s survey finds that 70% of the sample says that “reducing health care costs” is a national priority.

We test the following hypotheses:



: The proportion of U.S. adults this year who rate “reducing health care costs” as a national priority is still 0.68.



: The proportion of U.S. adults this year who rate “reducing health care costs” as a national priority is greater than 0.68.

The P-value is 0.045. At a 5% significance level, we would reject the null hypothesis and concluded that the proportion of U.S. adults this year who rate “reducing health care costs” as a national priority is greater than 0.68.

Explain the P-value in the context of this issue.


Peer Reviewed Assignment

Peer Reviewed Assignment

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAddressing the Prompt

8 pts

Full Marks

All parts of the Prompt are addressed. Answers are correct. Statistical vocabulary is used appropriately. Writing is clear and thought process is easy to follow.

5 pts

Partial Credit

Some parts of the prompt are not addressed, are incorrect, or are unclear.

0 pts

No Marks

The prompt is not addressed.

8 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIndividual Penalty

0 pts

No individual penalty

-1 pts

Individual penalty.

Please see the instructor comments for more information.

0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePeer Reviews

2 pts

Full Marks

You completed all assigned peer reviews (maximum of 2). For each peer review, the points you assigned in the rubric are appropriate. You included comments explaining the score you posted in the rubric. If you deducted points in the rubric, your comments explain what the author needs to do to earn a higher grade when the teacher grades the assignment.

1 pts

Partial Credit

Committed a good-faith effort to provide a high-quality peer review, but many necessary instructive comments are missing.

0 pts

No Marks

No peer review provided or the comments are not instructive.

2 pts

Total Points: 10

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