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HMSV 8110 CU Action Research Methods in Human Services Action Plan Paper

HMSV 8110 CU Action Research Methods in Human Services Action Plan Paper

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Your readings for this unit emphasize how to reflect on the findings of a case study in order to take action. Consider the results of the data collection and analysis you completed on your chosen study for the Unit 5 assignment. Based on your findings, you will now develop the action plan for your Action Research Project, following the steps outlined below.

The 1–2 page action plan you complete for this discussion will become the basis for the Action Plan section of your final project assignment. Review the course project overview and the Unit 9 instructions for the final project assignment, focusing on the Action Plan section, for further context on this required project component.

You will attach your action plan to this discussion as a Word document, in order to exchange it for peer review. Then, in your initial discussion post, you will briefly reflect on your action plan. You will provide feedback on two of your peers’ action plans in your response posts. Once you have completed this discussion, you will incorporate the peer feedback you have received into your action plan, as applicable. You will then add your action plan as a component to your final Action Research Project Report.

Creating Your Action Plan

Create a 1–2 page action plan for your Action Research Project, using a Word document. Use the data you have analyzed from the case study as a roadmap for the solution to your chosen issue. Incorporate the following in your action plan:

  1. Formulate a solution to the issue from your study, based on your findings.
    • Identify the theoretical framework used in the study.
    • Explain what is not working in the program and what the data tells you about why.
    • Make your recommendations on how to improve the issue.
  2. Develop your action plan for getting to your solution.
    • Briefly outline the sequence of steps to be followed in your action plan.
    • State who would address the steps.
    • Explain how the people involved will act and what activities will occur.
  3. Explain how your plan will continue past its initial implementation and be reassessed as part of the action research cycle.
    • Explain how the plan will be monitored and supported.
    • State who is responsible to complete these activities, and when.

Reviewing Your Action Plan

For your initial discussion post, reflect on the action steps you have created, addressing the following:

  1. Briefly present to your peers the highlights of your action plan.
    • Briefly describe your action plan step sequence.
  2. Evaluate your planned activities.
    • Assess how you will implement your plan.
  3. Distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of your action plan.
    • Consider what modifications to the plan might help to strengthen it.

Attach your Action Plan document to this discussion for your peers to review. Note: For the convenience of your peers, please do not include in this Word document the other sections of the course project that you have previously completed.

Response Guidelines

Read your peers’ initial posts and choose two of your peers’ action plans to read and respond to. Select the plans that most interest you. Provide feedback to assist each peer to develop future steps for his or her action research. Did your peer miss anything? Offer suggestions to help your peer formulate a solution.

Once you have received feedback on your action plan from your peers, incorporate it, as applicable, into your action plan, then add the Action Plan section to your course project. The Action Plan section should be placed after the Results of Data Collection and Analysis section of the Action Research Project Report, which you are also developing this week in the Unit 7 assignment. Note: It is not necessary to include your Action Plan section in the Unit 7 Study Evaluation assignment submission. Just be sure to add it to the final project submission in the Unit 9 assignment.

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