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HISTORY 270 CSUN The History of America Report

HISTORY 270 CSUN The History of America Report

Question Description

I’m working on a history writing question and need support to help me learn.

I have a history report that i need done by Sunday night. It is off two books and you must answer three questions from two parts.

Part 1

Write on two of the following “mini essays.” Describe each set of terms emphasizing their historical significance.These terms are grouped thematically.

1.Describe the movements and communities led by Ann Lee, George Rapp, Joseph Smith Jr., Ezra Stiles Ely, Charles Grandison Finney, and others, and their respective social agendas; describe the Antebellum “Culture of SelfImprovement,” with a focus on gender, alcohol, education, prisons,and prostitution, and the rise of Abolitionism.

2.Discuss the decline of Jacksonianism and the rise of “Whigism” or (or “Whiggery” as it was often called) and changes in the political parties.

3.Describe and state the significance of the Louisiana Purchase, Manifest Destiny,” as it relates to U.S. expansionism, Texas,and the Mexican War.

4.Describe the differences that became apparent in the economies of the North and South in the three decades prior to the Civil War and the ways in which national economic change affected the institution of slavery.

5.Describe the conflicts over the acquisition of former Mexican Territory following the War with Mexico, the Compromise of 1850, and its fallout, including the Fugitive Slave Act and the Dred Scott Decision.

6.Discuss the decline of the Whig Party and the emergence of new political factions ranging from Free Soil to Nativism, and the growing 1850s factionalism within the Democratic Party and the emergence of a new Republican Party.

7.Describe the Election of 1860, the causes of the Civil War, and issues related to the war.

Part 2:

Write on one of the following essay topics related to Celia, A Slave(60 points possible).

1.In his book, Celia, A Slave, Melton McLaurin notes that Judge Hall wanted a speedy, bythebook trial,and that the “[c]ouncil for the defense . . .was not cooperating” with the judge’s wishes. Why did Judge Hall choose John Jameson for Celia’s defense? McLaurin asserts that Jameson’s defense of Celia was more radical than the “celebrated”Dred Scott case. What was Jameson’s defense strategy? How did this defense challenge the system of slavery? The issues of 1850s Missouri should form part of your answer.

2.Melton McLaurin notes that the Celia’s defense “challenged the role of white man as the protector of women within southern society . . .[and]challenged the concept of male honor, a crucial element of the South’s social system.” What does Celia’s story and “the sexual politics of slavery”have to say about antebellum families and women generally?

For Part 1, you just have to pick 2 of the 7 topics and each one should be a page long. So two pages should be for part (1 page per question). For part 1 I will give you access to my account for the website in order to use the e-book.

For Part 2, you just have to pick 1 of the 2 topics and answer in an essay that must be about 3 pages. I have attached the pdf for the full version of the book you need to answer Part 2.

Everything must be MLA format size 12 font, double spaced, times new roman. And also i know it is obvious but please no plagiarism and also grammar is very important. There should also be no outside sources used, only the books i have provided.

Thank you

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