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Florida National University Multiple Choice Exam Practice

Florida National University Multiple Choice Exam Practice

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  1. Question 1

    4 PointsThe energy levels for electrons vary from one element to another.

  2. Question 2

    4 PointsAccording to the laws of thermal radiation, hotter objects emit photons with ________.

  3. Question 3

    4 PointsWhen an electron in an atom goes from a higher energy state to a lower energy state, the atom

  4. Question 4

    4 PointsThe spectra of most galaxies show redshifts. This means that their spectral lines ________.(See Doppler Effect shift.)

  5. Question 5

    4 PointsThermal radiation is defined as ________.

  6. Question 6

    4 PointsIf you heat a gas so that collisions are continually bumping electrons to higher energy levels, when the electrons fall back to lower energy levels the gas produces

  7. Question 7

    4 PointsSuppose you look at a spectrum of visible light by looking through a prism or diffraction grating. How can you decide whether it is an emission line spectrum or an absorption line spectrum?

  8. Question 8

    4 PointsWhich of the following observational techniques is most appropriate for measuring Doppler shifts?

  9. Question 9

    4 PointsOne star is emitting primarily visible light and another star is emitting primarily infrared light. Which star is hotter?

  10. Question 10

    4 PointsLines of a particular element appear at the same wavelength in both emission and absorption line spectra.

  11. Question 11

    4 PointsLaboratory measurements show hydrogen produces a spectral line at a wavelength of 486.1 nanometers (nm). A particular star’s spectrum shows the same hydrogen line at a wavelength of 486.0 nm. What can we conclude?

  12. Question 12

    4 PointsSuppose you see two stars: a blue star and a red star. Which of the following can you conclude about the two stars? Assume that no Doppler shifts are involved. (Hint: Think about the laws of thermal radiation.)

  13. Question 13

    4 PointsSuppose you want to know the chemical composition of a distant star. Which piece of information is most useful to you?

  14. Question 14

    4 PointsWhat is the angular resolution of the human eye?

  15. Question 15

    4 PointsX-rays from astronomical objects can only be detected from telescopes in space.

  16. Question 16

    4 PointsWhat do astronomers mean by light pollution?

  17. Question 17

    4 PointsWhich of the following statements best describes the two principle advantages of telescopes over eyes?

  18. Question 18

    4 PointsA typical atom has a size of about

  19. Question 19

    4 PointsIf a material is transparent, then it

  20. Question 20

    4 PointsWe can see each other in the classroom right now because we

  21. Question 21

    4 PointsWhen considering light as made up of individual “pieces,” each characterized by a particular amount of energy, the pieces are called ________.

  22. Question 22

    4 PointsThe atomic nuclei of the same element always have the same number of protons.

  23. Question 23

    4 PointsWhich of the following statements about electrical charge is true?

  24. Question 24

    4 PointsThe wavelength of a wave is

  25. Question 25

    4 PointsThe greater the wavelength of light, the greater its energy.

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