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FGCU Environmental Justice Issue the Socioeconomic Status & Covid Outcomes Discussion

FGCU Environmental Justice Issue the Socioeconomic Status & Covid Outcomes Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a environmental science discussion question and need support to help me learn.

50 words minimum per response.

Discussion One

. What is one new thing you learned by watching the video?

I learned that there are 85 miles of petrochemical plants rightnext to the Mississippi River. Also that your home can be 500 feet from achemical plant in Louisiana.

2. How is Cancer Alley an Environmental Justice issue?

Cancer Alley is an Environmental Issue because peoples homes andwhere they live could be right next to a plant, those people have to suffer theconsequences. These people want their homes protected from the environment theyare in, which makes this an environmental justice issue.

3. What are some reasons petrochemical plants are located inthis area and not in neighboring areas?

The government in this area supports the large companies thatare using the oil and putting fossil fuels into the air. So these areas withlarge companies that support the government prevent the government fromsupporting the people. Another reason the plants are located in this areabecause the democracy has been hijacked.

4. Why are Cancer Alley residents more susceptible toCOVID-19?

These residents are more susceptible to Covid because thereinformation from the CDC is not accurate and they have health issues due to thechemicals and fossil fuels they are not fully aware of. For example, one ladydid not know why her child was having health issues until a lady knocked on herdoor spreading awareness of the petrochemical plants. Another reason is thechemicals contribute to autoimmune diseases.

5. What do you think the residents of Cancer Alley could doabout the situation?

This area is also extremely difficult to find information about,so if the community did a little work to get some facts together they couldraise awareness of the situation. Having others aware of the health andgoverning issues they would be able to have enough people to make adifference.

6. Give an example of a place experiencing an environmentaljustice issue similar to Cancer Alley. For example, what other marginalizedcommunity/region do you know about that is disproportionately impacted bypollution. Explain how this example is similar to Cancer Alley.

An example of another region effected heavily by pollution isfrom a documentary I watched called Seaspiracy. In this documentary, along thecoast of Africa, there are fishermen who rely on the fishing for life who nowhave to go out further into the ocean on small boats to fish due to the amountof ocean pollution. This is similar to Cancer Alley because it is not wellknown information, it is in a poor area and people are dying due to pollution.

Discussion Two

. Before watching this video, I had never heard of Cancer Alley.I had no idea that an area like this existed and how frequently people in thisarea have experienced loss due to their poor living conditions as a result ofthese harmful companies.

2. Cancer Alley is an Environmental Justice issue because it isan example of how people with less money and in minority groups are beingforced to live in worse conditions than other people. As one person in thevideo mentioned, many of them don’t have a choice about where they live becausethey can’t afford to move.

3. Some reasons petrochemical companies are located in this areaare because the St. James Parish Council changed their district into a futureindustrial district to allow for more companies to take over, and thepetrochemical companies often choose to locate near water sources, such as theMississippi River, which is where Cancer Alley is located next to.

4. Cancer Alley residents are more susceptible to COVID becauseof the link between air pollution and harsher COVID-19 effects.

5. Residents of Cancer Alley should continue to share theirstories and protest the increase in petrochemical companies. It’s hard to saywhat they should do because they are the ones suffering the most, yet theydon’t have much input in what’s happening to their health or environment.

6. An example of a city with a similar issue to Cancer Alley isin Los Angeles, California. According to the California Health Report, AfricanAmericans and Hispanics breathe in 40% (and Asian Americans 20%) more harmfulchemicals caused by vehicle pollution than white Californians. It has beenshown that people in minority groups and those with lower household earningshave no choice but to live in more densely populated areas which are moreaffected by the pollution coming from gas and diesel. This pollution has leadto lung and heart problems.

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