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Favorable Geologic Structure Questions

Favorable Geologic Structure Questions

Question Description

I’m working on a engineering multi-part question and need an explanation to help me study.

Complete all the listed items in order. Solutions to problems 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 17, 18, and 21

1. Watch the following video. Take notes on a separate sheet of paper and store it, as you will use these notes later.

2. Open your reader and study the first three items (numbered 1, 2, and 3) of the section entitled “Dirt?”.

3. The City of San Diego has detailed maps of soil formations and hazards (land slide prone areas, etc.) in San Diego.Go to the dedicated website:…Notice that you can click on any portion of the map of San Diego. Locate the portion of the map wherein SDSUlies. Then, click on such portion. A large map of the portion will open in your browser. Be patient navigating it, aseach of such maps is very data heavy. Identify the number labels and color labels on the right side of the map.Then, write the number and description associated with the soil on which the SDSU campus lies. Note: bookmarkthe website above (you may need it for Capstone, i.e., CIVE 495).

4. Open your reader and study the remainder of the section entitled “Dirt?”.

5. Go to the following website and read the description of the components of Earth.…Then, answer the following questions:

a. What is the name of Earth’s thickest layer?

b. How thick is such layer?

c. How deep from the surface does such layer start?

d. What is the consistency of such layer?

e. Have we ever drilled into such layer?

f. What is the largest depth we (humans) have reached by drilling?

g. What is the name of the Earth’s surface layer (where humans live)?

h. On average, how thick is such layer?

i. Does the thickness of such layer vary? If so, how so?

6. Open your reader and study the section entitled “Layers”.

7. Go online and find three Geotechnical Engineering firms in San Diego. Write in your reader, the company namesand the addresses.

8. Study the following video (mass vs. weight):

9. Complete the following problems.

a. Calculate the mass of a liter of water. Express your answer in grams.

b. Calculate the weight of a liter of water on Earth. Express your answer in kN.

c. Calculate the weight of a liter of water on Mars. Express your answer in kN.

10. Open your reader and study the section entitled “Mass Density”.

11. A sandstone mass located on the Del Mar coast is made of bonded grains of sand. The sand is made of quartz,which has a density of qtz = 2.65 gm/cm3. The sandstone has a porosity of 50%. That is, 50% of its volume isvoids (air; air  0), and the other 50% is of its volume is composed of solids (i.e., the actual grains). Determinethe weight of a 1 m3 cube of this sandstone. Express your answer in kN.

12. Imagine that we take the 1 m3 cube of sandstone described in the problem above and melt it (and then cool it)into a block of pure quartz with no voids. What would its volume be? Express your answer in m3.

13. Open your reader and study the section entitled “Granular Matter”.

14. Open your reader and study the section entitled “Soil”.

15. Go to the ASCE website and find the website for the Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineeringwebpage. Find the September 2019 issue (I just selected this issue at random). Read only the titles of all thearticles. Notice the breadth of topics associated with GE!

16. Open your reader and study the first two items of the section entitled “Soil Genesis”.

17. Provide two examples (names) of igneous rocks, two examples of metamorphic rocks, and two examples ofsedimentary rocks. Cite your references.

18. What is the most common sedimentary rock on the coast of Southern California? Cite your references.

19. Open your reader and study the rest of the section entitled “Soil Genesis”.

20. Open your reader and study the rest of the section entitled “Grain sizes: forces”.

21. The drag force exerted by a fluid with viscosity  onto a sphere with diameter d is FD = 3vd, where v is thevelocity of the fluid in m/sec. The viscosity of water is 0.001 Pa · sec. The weight of a sphere when placedunderwater is the sphere’s buoyant weight: FB = d3( – w)g/6, where  = mass density of the material thatsphere is composed of, g = gravitational acceleration, and w = mass density of water = 1000 kg/m3.a. Consider a very small spherical soil grain, with d = 0.01mm. The grain material density is 2650 kg/m3.Determine the minimum fluid velocity (in m/sec) required for the fluid to transport such a grain via drag.Hint: equate the buoyant weight to the drag force and solve for v. Note: d must be in meters.b. Consider now a largerspherical soil grain, with d = 1 mm. Determine the minimum fluid velocity (in m/sec)required for the fluid to transport such a grain via drag.

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