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ENGL 120 Grossmont Instagram Effects on Influencers Health Research Paper

ENGL 120 Grossmont Instagram Effects on Influencers Health Research Paper

Question Description

I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Your purpose is to read and select 1 of the following 3 “base texts” and then research 2-3 credible outside sources relating to their topic—which need to be instructor approved–so that you can synthesize (a.k.a. integrate)multiple sources in your essay. Counting in your “base text” (required to be included in your essay), you should have a total of 3-4 sources cited in the essay. Your purpose in the synthesis part of the paper is to identify, explain, and analyze how your outside source(s)clarify, extend, and/or complicate the information presented in your chosen “base text.” Your thesis should not only include these terms “clarify, extend, and/or complicate” (or synonyms), but also it should address why examining multiple sources is important.ONE of your essay’s sources must be one of the “base texts” below (choose only one of the three, and then do additional research from there): (I chose option #1)

Base Text” Option #1:“How Instagram takes a toll on influencers’ brains”by Jenni Gritters. Published in the guardian. Jan. 8th, 2019. Direct website link here:…


The purpose of this essay assignment is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course and beyond (you’ll definitely apply these skills to your Essay #4 research paper).➢Understanding the content from all sources➢Introducing the topic at hand and why it mattersArguing/Assertingwhat you see in the relationships between or among the sources (ie. Arguing whether other sources clarify, extend, and/or complicate the base text’s argument, and considering why this is important)➢Identifying different types of evidence in these outside sourcesEvaluating and selecting the best evidence to citeCitinginformation from outside sources in proper MLA formatContextualizingeach source cited, identifying some of the claimsSynthesizingideas and information from outside sources➢Analyzing the evidence meaningfully through critical and/or inferential reflectionsConstructingsmooth transitions, strong topic sentences, and good flow/cohesion so that the writing does not feel formulaic/static or overly predictable.

You will research 2-3 additional outside sources that provide information/ideas that connect with your chosen “base text” (Gritters’ article or Chatterjee’s article or Harris’article). For a more analytically rich paper, I encourage you to try to use relationship variety; not all outside texts should clarify, just as not outside texts should complicate. Some texts might even relate in two ways, like extend as well as complicated. . . or clarify as well as extend. Keep in mind that your purpose is not to “prove” the ideas in the “base text” right or wrong (ie. do not share whether you agree or disagree); instead, you should examine points your author may have overlooked.

2 sources;……

Other Criteria for this Assignment:

Page length:3-5 pages (in addition to this, don forget: a Works Cited page with your 3-4 total sources listed in MLA format)

Genres of outside sources allowed: News articles (analysis or feature style), scholarly articles, and video clips (if credible)– must be published in the last 6years, max. Opinion-editorial pieces are highly discouraged, but sometimes I do approve of them, depending on how it is written and who the contributor is.

Audience: Write the paper in a formal, serious tone, as if addressing an educated reader who is unfamiliar with your chosen “base text” and researched outside source(s)

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