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ENGL 1102 Idaho University KFC Mutant Chickens Article Discussions Replies

ENGL 1102 Idaho University KFC Mutant Chickens Article Discussions Replies

Question Description


Students answered these following questions

Part 1:

Due date–10:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 30. (250-word minimum requirement)

undefinedSnopes article, “KFC Mutant Chickens.” undefined

  1. As it worked its way across the Internet, many people accepted this apparently absurd rumor without question. Why did they find it so plausible? What “facts” were offered in support?
  2. What elements of the story (e.g. about corporate practices and corporate deception) seemed reasonable to readers and to those spreading the rumor?
  3. While the rumor implies a distrust of corporate practices, how does it also reflect a lack of faith in government?
  4. In what ways did contemporary scientific developments contribute to this particular rumor?

Student #1 (Samantha)

1. I think just by looking at the article it seems like it could be real because they talk about a study by the University of New Hampshire. Another thing I thought made it seem kind of real is that they say it saves them money because they don’t have pluck feathers and remove beaks.

2. Corporations are always trying to save money it seemed believable when they mentioned that it saves money because they no longer have to pluck feathers and remove the beaks of these “Frankenchickens”.

3. because people bought into this rumor, they believed that the government was just allowing this to happen and only making KFC not use the word chicken in their name anymore. They believed that the government wasn’t stepping in to protect animals and humans as well.

4. Because scientists are constantly trying to understand and make genetic codes this kind of helped push people into believing that something like this could really be happening in the food we eat. There could be some weird science behind the fake chickens that were being used.

Student #2 (Cameryn)

  1. The rumor concerning the legitimacy of the chickens being used by KFC seemed plausible not only because it was suggested that this would save the company money but also KFC was going through a rebranding at the time from Kentucky Fried Chicken to just KFC. The writer used this circumstance to ad a sense of validity to the rumor blaming the rebranding on a government ruling that they could no longer use the world “chicken” to describe their product. This allowed them to attempt to present the brand’s own advertising and menus as proof. The writer also added authority to the rumor by citing the information as coming from a study down by the University of New Hampshire.
  2. Elements of the story that may have seemed extremely plausible include large corporations trying to cut corners and save money. This is honestly a commonly held belief among out society. The use of steroids as well as animally cruelty to aid the penny pinching efforts was also not unheard of.
  3. The rumor shows a lack of faith in the government because people truly believed in the case of a company using genetically modified organisms that were altered to a point of that would have been grotesquely unrecognizable as a chicken, and unable to live on it’s own, the government only stepped in to regulate the use of the word “chicken” in describing the products. In reality, the government actually has quite a few rules in regards to food standards of quality and safety, so the fact that it seemed plausible that the government would be so hands off is truly discouraging.
  4. There were tons of things going on in science during the 90s that would have influenced these rumors and increased the plausibility of the accusations in the minds of the people. The 90s particularly saw a lot of contributions being made to genetics, cloning and even the first in vetro fertilizations, so it makes sense that science crazes like these may have helped influence this rumor and make is seem more real.

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