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ENGL 1050 WMU Discrimination & Women Prejudgment in Society Discussion

ENGL 1050 WMU Discrimination & Women Prejudgment in Society Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a writing discussion question and need guidance to help me understand better.

I’m working on a writing discussion question and need guidance to help me learn.

This discussion asks that you make your plans explicit for Project 5

Before beginning, revisit the Project 5 Instructions and read the “Remix Plan: A How-To” section on page 236 in Chapter 9 of your textbook.

Compose a 350 word plan that summarizes how you are going to rework your position paper (project 4).

Your remix plan should include:

  • The genre you are choosing
  • The target audience for your text
  • Your rationale for the genre you are choosing
  • Your rationale for the audience you are choosing
  • What multimodal (non text) elements you will include in your remixed project

After you’ve posted your remix plan for project 5, respond to your peers’ posts.

You must reply to 2 of your peers and each reply should be 200+ words in length:

first one to reply to:

For my project five remix plan I will be discussing the in equity dilemma concerning those who have a physical disability. Although most of the citizens within this society have no problem in getting up every morning, beginning their day with getting ready to leave and having their jobs require them to come into a work environment for people with physical disabilities is no easy task. They experience trouble with getting to work and maintaining their job. This has become an equity event because that for some getting a job and being employed is not as accessible as it is for others. When discussing and analyzing the limitations that comes with being physically disabled, I can confidently state that overall trying to work and get a job needs to have reform for those who need it. More, specifically I am introducing a case, to support accommodations for disabled workers. I’ll be using a genre of presentation to present to my target audience. I am writing as if I am presenting to Congress or the Better Business Bureau. I’ll be using your presentation due to the fact that I believe this is the best way to convey my case them in an informative and detailed way to the better business bureau. That’s why introduce the text I will also include graphs as a test six a highlight the fact that the world is not designed for those physical disabilities. Such as research and polls that have been conducted in audits or employer surveys. I will nicely connect the paper along with a text with multimodal elements.I feel as though this subject is of most importance and it truly hits at home. Considering the fact that I have watched my mother who has a traumatic Brain injury struggle with this same problem most of her life. I truly feel if I were to present this presentation to an audience who could make change, my position would be heard and would make an impact.

the second one:

For project 4, I decided to write about the murder of George Floyd, and police brutality as a whole. The abuse of power by authorities in America is completely out of hand. The truth of the situation is that some people decide to join the police force just so they can push others around and tell others what they can or can’t do. They do this because they know that if they are police officers, they will be able to get away with it. In order to change this corrupt and evil behavior, the police academy needs to be more aware of who they are letting patrol the streets. To raise awareness on this topic I will be making infographics that show unsettling statistics and prove that there truly is an issue at hand. I will be posting these infographics around campus so that students and staff will be informed about what is going on in our society.

I decided to do the infographic because it is the most effective way to raise awareness, and actually start the process of change. The only way to effectively change, though, is to cause those who refuse to be inclusive and ethical to have a change of heart. We will only be able to move forward if everyone is on board. If not, these terrible events will continue to happen. It is so important to always be thinking of ways to step forward in this process. So many people understand the problem but won’t take action towards change. If everyone in this country comes together there is no way that the policies of the police will remain the same.

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