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ENGL 102 Why Racism Is Still a Problem for the United States Analysis Paper

ENGL 102 Why Racism Is Still a Problem for the United States Analysis Paper

Question Description

I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Prompt: This semester you practiced research, analysis, synthesis and evaluation, logical thinking, the means of persuasion and techniques of argument, writing about literature, the writing process (including revision), reflection, preparing documented essays, and providing constructive feedback.

Now you’ll communicate how well you have learned all these skills through a final portfolio: a collection of writings illustrating your takeaways from this class. Think of it as an argument about what you can do in terms of revising your writing, researching a topic on which you are writing, and responding to others’ writing.

Instructions: The ENGL 102 Final Portfolio is a document that demonstrates your learning in ENGL 102. In order to show what you have learned, your portfolio will include 4 components:

  • A 2-3-page (double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins) reflective memo that
    • details the specific revisions you made to improve your essay and annotated bibliographies
    • reflects on what you learned in this course about research and its role in argumentation and the writing process
    • details how you responded to others’ writing in constructive and collaborative ways.
  • Essay 1 or 2 further revised and improved (submit both the revised essay and the version you submitted earlier this semester) to show your writing process
  • Two revised and improved annotated bibliographies to show your research process and evaluation of relevant and reliable sources
  • Two examples of feedback sheets you completed for other writers in the course (for Essay 1, 2 or 3) to show your ability to evaluate others’ writing and provide productive feedback.


  • Revise either essay 1 or 2 based on comments you’ve received from your instructor and other reviewers by week 10. You should also do a write-up reflecting on your rewriting process at that time.
  • Select two annotated bibliographies and the feedback sheets you will incorporate by week 13. You should also do a short write-up articulating what the examples you have chosen show.
  • Select two feedback sheets where you were the reviewer of another’s essay. Select the sheets where you provided the most specific and substantial feedback. The details of the feedback – as illustrated by the feedback sheets – will make up part of your grade for the portfolio.
  • Write your reflective memo, discussing the changes you’ve made to your work and how they evidence what you learned.
  • Organize your portfolio entries, and decide if you will reflect on and introduce each individual piece, thread reflective writing throughout, or provide opening material that sets the stage: it’s up to you, but the reflective memo should total 2-3 pages.

Ideas for Reflective Memo (2-3 pages): The reflective memo should be addressed to a non-academic audience and communicate the specific writing skills of revising, researching, and responding to others you have acquired in this class. Think about it as an argument about your ability to work as a communication and writing professional. To develop this argument for an audience outside the classroom you can think about addressing these questions in your memo:

a.How did you revise and edit to meet conventions of standard English?

b.How did you take readers’ needs into account?

c.How did you use feedback from classmates or your professor (or others) to improve your work?

d.How did you practice synthesis, analysis, evaluation, exposition, definition, and/or argument in your writing and research?

e.How did you find sources and conduct your research?

f.How did you evaluate sources using the CRAAP test?

g.How did you attribute material to your sources and avoid plagiarism by citing sources ethically and correctly?

h.What are some examples of constructive and collaborative comments you made in responding to others’ writing?

i. How did you provide constructive and collaborative feedback to help others improve their writing?

Format: Your portfolio should be submitted as one Microsoft Word document. How you order the items in the portfolio is up to you (see below). Make decisions for organization based on how you want your reader to interact with your document. Use APA/MLA documentation correctly in your work. Make sure the revised essay and annotated bibliographies meet all the requirements of each assignment (review assignment instructions on Blackboard).

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