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ENG 311 CWU W8 Academic and Workplace Email Communication Discussion

ENG 311 CWU W8 Academic and Workplace Email Communication Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a english discussion question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

This assignment include one Initial post and two responses posts.

This week, we’ll be discussing academic and workplace email communication. When you send poorly written emails (or worse: make ridiculous requests), I want to let you know that it IS noticed; and, more importantly, such communications could end up in a meme, on a forum, or it could go viral. Review the collection of poor workplace communications in BWS Ch 8(Attached below) and scan through a few pages of this forum (Links to an external site.) (hosted by Chronicle of HigherEd) devoted to student emails.

Now, I want to hear your thoughtful reflections–some venting is okay–but you should also connect your response to this week’s chapter on netiquette, tone, and audience. Consider one or more of the following: What are the lessons learned? About school emails? Workplace emails and/or memos? Privacy of such communications? Other thoughts?

NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that the link to the Chronicle of Higher Education discussion forum provided in this week’s discussion is no longer functional. I attempted to find a working link to this forum, but it appears that this content is no longer available. If you have not yet posted to the discussion, you can focus your response on the content that is available via your textbook and the image presented in the prompt for this discussion. Please let me know if you have any questions.

example funny student email

Please also respond to the two following posts:

Student A’s post: “Hello Everyone,

I believe that having a well structured email written to a professional, whether it is a Professor or a CEO, will help ensure that your point will get across effectively and show the person you are writing to the respect level you have for them as well as give them an idea of how seriously you take your work.

As I do not generally send out a ton of emails per week I am not anywhere close to an expert, however I do receive many emails due to the fact I participate in athletics here. The trend I notice throughout the emails I receive is that they are written efficiently and with respect to the audience. To me, respect for others is the biggest thing you must be aware of when writing an email. Ensure that you are not bashing anyone and not belittling your peers, even if they may be ‘below you’ on the totem pole.

Even something as little as an email can reflect on your business and how it is run so it is crucial that you proofread everything and are aware of who you are sending the email to. I would also say that it is important to keep any emails confidential within the group of people it is sent out to, or if it is just sent to one person, as it may be undisclosed information that is not yet released or shouldn’t be released to anyone on the outside looking in.”

Student B’s post: “As I read through chapter 8, it is interesting to see some of the awkward tones on the examples given, especially for work emails. I have worked in a place where I constantly must respond and send emails daily. On average, I would come to work and get about 350+ emails a day. These emails are usually from colleagues and suppliers. Using email etiquette in a professional setting shows respect and clarity to the recipients.

It is important to know who you are emailing and make sure not to hit “reply all” when discussing an internal work issue or any proprietary information within the company. Company internal data cannot be disclosed to outsiders. This will prevent outsiders from knowing what is going on and potentially spread the word about the business, which can hurt the company. This can lead to severe disciplinary action towards the employee, especially when going against the company’s information policy.

When I respond to the email, I make sure to see who is in the email chain. When necessary, I will modify the recipient list by only speaking to my colleagues and leaving out the suppliers when discussing internal work-related issues or decisions. The company made us go through computer, internet, and email usage training since it is a private company. Besides learning about personal use on the work computers, the most important factor during training was using email etiquette and not sharing proprietary information outside of the company that can potentially harm its image.”

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