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Contribution Points for Immigration & Solutions and Results Discussion

Contribution Points for Immigration & Solutions and Results Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a english discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Page contribution points- problem, solution, results- Immigration

Here you will get points for participating in Problem, solution, results- Immigration chart

Problem, solution, result chart- Immigration

What are the probelms?

On this page we will work together to list the probelms, solutions and results discussed in the article. You can add to any box in this chart. Make sure that the problem, solution, and result all go togther. Make sure you add the section number where you found the quote in the article.

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Problem Quote Solution Quote Result Quote
, because Refugee Response is not directly tied to the government’s resettlement program, it has doubled in size in the past two years But, while the administration’s drastic cuts to the refugee program have caused dozens of resettlement offices to close down, pg13
important, now more than ever, that we stand in solidarity with those who come to Cleveland seeking a better life in our city as refugees
“Cleveland is a city that is open and welcoming to all people and families, no matter from how near or far they come,” Jackson said last year.pg19 arm hires many refugees for a program called The Refugee Response. The group that has been farming the land behind CMHA since soil was first tilled there. (Gus Chan / The Plain Dealer) The Plain

  1. In 2018 man walks down a row of vegetables during morning harvest at Ohio City Farm. Pg8
language problem/ the refugees do not speak English “refugee students who may have been exposed to unique traumatic situations, inconsistent education and other obstacles” include in-home tutoring “Refugee Response’s services include in-home tutoring” (24) they learn English “Muhibzada is able to share what she learns in English tutoring.” 31
It is difficult for refugees to get a job because they do not speak English “2,500 refugees who have settled in the city since 2008”, (6) work on one of the largest urban farms “The farm hires many refugees for a program called The Refugee Response.” 8 the refugees learn skills, have $$$, learn English

“We’re all about not just providing one-time aid, or a one-time donation or a gift, but seeing through on a path that is going to be transformative,” Kearns said. (26)

refugee children do not speak English, different school system, different ways to make friends, do not know about how to go college in US, gap in what a school system can provide,unique traumatic situations, inconsistent education(28) program for high school students (Teen Response) tutoring, career counseling and cultural education, (30 they make friends, go to college, successful in highschool, learn English

“We’ve become like a family, (30)

built-in social support group(30)

Muhibzada is able to share what she learns in English tutoring and career counseling with the rest of her family. “I teach my sisters what this means, what I learned and you have to know this is important,” (31)

helped her manage a busy schedule (33)

  1. “Even if I need help in my classes, I come here and finish it,” Muhibzada said. “When I go home, I relax and go to(36) sleep,”
gap in educational opportunities for adult women (42) “We saw that particular population was becoming very socially isolated, left at home with young kids and no real outlet or access to understanding the new society or new world they are in,” 42 in home tutoring, zoom

access to education

understanding the new society

When Mahibzada was 18, she only was home-schooled and didn’t have another option, she didn’t really have a good future ahead of her. She traveled to Cleveland Now she’s better getting good grades in college.

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