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Collin College From Rococo to Revolution Landmarks of Western Art Worksheet

Collin College From Rococo to Revolution Landmarks of Western Art Worksheet

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Landmarks of Western Art: From Rococo to Revolution

Questions from Video

1. What was the “last style of the French monarchy”?

2. What was the “first style of the new French Republic”?

3. Rococo was an extension of the _______________________ Period in art.

4. How was Rococo subject matter diff from Baroque?

5. Which French monarch was associated with the Rococo Period?

6. What kind of lifestyle is presented in this art?

7. What does Rocaille mean? How does it relate to this artwork?

Jean Antoine Watteau

Influenced by which 3 artists? ____________________

What does fête gallant mean? _____________________

What was the subject mater of the painting from 1619 mentioned in the video?

What did he observe in the behavior of the subjects he painted? ________________

Departure form the Island of Cythera: what was Cythera?____________________

Watteau died at what age? ___________________

François Boucher

He was influenced by _________________________________.

Who was Mdm de Pompadour?_____________

What was his main subject matter?_______________________________

Honoré Fragonard

The Swing: Why was the dress so important in this painting?______________________________

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Where was he from? ____________________________

In the Banquet of Anthony and Cleopatra, Cleopatra was seen as a ___________ first, and a ________________________second.

He traveled to Würzburg, Germany to work on palace interior- the Kaisersalle, (the King’s room), the ultimate Rococo experience, which depicts scenes from ___________________________.

The figures were compared to the painted figures of which artist?__________________

How was Rococo art typically scaled?________________

Fountain of Four Seasons, commissioned by Louis XV-this could be described as ___________, not political in tone.

How was Summer represented? _________________

How was Winter represented? -_________________________

During this time, Europe had experienced almost ____ yrs peace.

Jean Baptiste Chardin

The content of this art was not extravagant, but _____________in tone.

A painting such as Kitchen Maid, appealed to what class in society?___________________

Saying Grace takes place in what setting? ____________________________

The philosopher Diderot called Chardin a ____________________with paint.

Jean-Baptiste Greuze

His art has a focus on _______________________.

William Hogarth

How did he approach subject matter? ____________________

What was Beggar’s Opera about?______________________

Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope-enlightenment Period writers influence artists.

Marriage a la Mode – is about a marriage between what two types of people?____________

How does the marriage end?_____________________

Define “didactic”. __________________

The Rake’s Progress illustrates what?_______________

What is a “rake”?__________________

What happens to this character in the 8th scene? _______________

What were the two paying visitors doing in this scene?_________________

Sir Thomas Gainsborough

He begian as what type of Painter, before he was known for portraiture?_______________

The Blue Boy, 1770

Reused canvas for the commission.

Shows oppulence in the __________________________

Long brushes and descriptive brushstrokes

He used________________perspective, like Leonardo was his method of depicting space.

What colors are seen in the background?_______________________

Sir Joshua Reynolds

He painted over _______________________portraits in lifetime

He was the 1st president of_________________

He became the Painter to ________________

Miss Bowles and Her Dog

How old was this person?___________________

England becomes more influential in science, literature, and social reform.

Jacques-Louis David

New approach inspired by Ancient past: Neo-Classicists, serious history painting,

Describe painting appearance in Neo-Classicism. _________________

Discovery of ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum

JJ Winckelmann, German art historian, reacts against Rococo and promotes classical ideals.

Oath of Horattii

David returns to classical ideals, theme of personal sacrifice, which is a commentary on what?_________________________

This is the official style of what major historical period in France?_______________

What was happening in America at this time?_________________

John Singleton Copley

Moved form US to ________________.

Charles I Demanding Surrender is a documentation of what? _______________

There approx ___________ portraits in this painting.

Jacques-Louis David (again)

Death of Marat

How did Marat die? _______________________

David references religious art to associate him with____________.

What is inscribed on the box by the bathtub?___________________



Who was buried in this tomb (in general)?_______________

This was an Anti-Rococo statement

Who does David end up painting for, in France? ___________________


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