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BUSI 505 Liberty University Healthcare Informatics Discussion Board Post

BUSI 505 Liberty University Healthcare Informatics Discussion Board Post

Question Description

I’m working on a health & medical Discussion and need a sample draft to help me study.

Please Draft a response to another persons discussion board post. Here is the post you are responding to:

The Impact of Health Literacy on a Patient’s Decision to Adopt a Personal Health Record


I was happy to read that personal health records (PHR) are becoming more and more popular. Along with popularity, they are also being more readily available. A few of the factors that go into the thought process of a patient’s decision to adopt a personal health record are: age, education level, income, native language, and accessibility to internet. “Patients at risk for low health literacy included the 52 percent who have a high school education or less, the 7 percent in the category of those 71 years or older, and the 59 percent in the lowest income category of $20,000 or less” (Noblin, Wan, & Fottler). It was interesting to learn that while this was considered the most at-risk category for having low health literacy, research found it was indeed the opposite and showed that this category held their thoughts of health literacy highly. I felt that it made a great point and reminded me of Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged”.


I found it interesting that one of the limitations of patients using a PHR, could be the office staff. “Possible limitations included the consistency of the office staff in explaining the purpose and importance of adopting the PHR to the patient, including their attitude, positive or negative” (Noblin, Wan, & Fottler). It makes sense if you think about it. If the office staff is not very involved in explaining how a PHR works or if they don’t take the time to learn to explain its importance I could see it effecting the patient negatively. If the patient thinks it isn’t important I feel they are less likely to have interest. On the other hand, if the office staff take the time to explain the PHR, answer any questions the patient may have about it, and/or have an enthused attitude, I could see that really effecting the patient positively. I read that some patients wanted to provide good answers when they are happy with the care they received and feel they are helping out. I thought of a child wanting to please their parent, they might not be exactly sure what “good” is but they want their parent to be happy. “Patients report that secure, password protected PHRs give them confidence that they can access their personal health information online and, as a result, they do pay more attention to their health” (Braunstein pg.81). It makes sense that if patients feel empowered and protected, they are more willing to adapt and work with a new system. While reading my textbook I came across information of remote patient monitoring (RPM). “RPM is the use of information technologies and communication networks to measure physiological date from a location outside a clinic, such as home, and send that information to health care professionals: (Shanholtzer & Ozanich, pg 262). Every day I see an example of this as a family member of mine has type one diabetes. My family member wears a device that continuously tracks his blood sugar and sends it to his endocrinology team. If we had to take the family member to an office every time he needed his blood sugar checked, we would probably end up moving into the office. Having this RPM option has really improved care for diabetics.


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****************THIS IS THE ORIGINAL QUESTION THE STUDENT WAS RESPONDUING TO: Topic: Participatory of Healthcare Informatics

Visit the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website and read the article “The Impact of Health Literacy on a Patient’s Decision to Adopt a Personal Health Record.” Provide a summary of your findings and any insights you have gained in the review of the information.

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