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Acaydia School of Aesthetics LLC Social Science Discussion

Acaydia School of Aesthetics LLC Social Science Discussion

Question Description

I’m working on a social science discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.

please respond to jennifer with 300 words

Topic 1

Work samples are good way to document a child’s development. Work samples are a method of documentation of development that preserves the child’s work. According to Nilsen (2017), “Work Sample is the term for any of the child’s products, including but not limited to drawing and painting, clay, blocks, or any material the child uses to construct or express meaning, all of which reveal many aspects of the child’s development” (pg. 307). The samples should be put in the child’s work sample portfolio. Samples such as sculptures, collages, wood work, or sewing can be documented by taking pictures and placing the pictures into the portfolio (Nilsen, 2017). Teachers need to make sure that the samples are dated. This will help anyone who is looking through the portfolio to see the child’s developmental progress. According to Nilsen (2017) work samples, “validates the importance of creative activities and provides another way to better engage families in the child’s education and in the importance of supporting the “process” while at the same time enjoying the “product” (pg. 308). Discussing a child’s work is also beneficial. You can have a better understanding of how a child understands self-identity, language, concepts, ideas, and stories.

Topic 2

I think that the four stages of creative development are beneficial for teachers to learn. According to Fox & Schirrmacher (2015) the four stages of creative development are, ” (1) manipulating the media, (2) making shapes, designs, and symbols, (3) pictorial art that is recognizable to others, and (4) realistic art” (as cited in Nilsen, 2017, pg. 319). I think this information is beneficial to know to be better prepared to support children. The writing center should have supplies for all different aged students. Young children should have access to large writing tools that they can grip with their whole hand. Older children should have access to different sized writing tools to help them develop their hand-eye coordination and small muscles in their hand. All children should have access to different sized and colored paper. Block play is extremely beneficial for the development of children. According to Trawick-Smith et al. (2014) blocks promote high-quality play for, “construction, make-believe artistic expression, motor play, language skills, social interactions, and sorting and categorizing” (as cited in Nilsen, 2017, pg. 330). Block play teaches children about mathematical, science, social, and emotional skills. Students should have access to all different types and sizes of blocks. I would try to include plastic interlocking blocks, unit blocks, hollow blocks, cardboard blocks, foam blocks, and cube blocks in the block center. I would also try to include block sets such as Lincoln logs, tinker toys, A-B-C blocks, and PVC pipes. All of these materials help children acquire different skills. Everything a young child does is creative. They are learning everything for the first time. Children should have access to any types of materials that are safe and that will enhance their creativity and development. Music plays an important role in the development of children. Vanhoorn et al. (2011) states, “Music and movement are ideal for introducing ethnic songs and rhythms, for practicing counting and pattern-making skills, and for expanding improvisation” (as cited in Nilsen, 2017, pg. 328). As a teacher I would play songs in classroom to support the development of children. I would play songs that would help children learn concepts such as letters and numbers. I would play songs that would get the children to use their gross motor skills by dancing and jumping. Music can also be played to comfort children or help them sleep. The teacher could even help children create their own music.

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