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Acaydia School of Aesthetics LLC Anatomic Make up of Children Response

Acaydia School of Aesthetics LLC Anatomic Make up of Children Response

Question Description

Please respond to yesensia with 250 words please respond with the citations and references below:

Chapter 7 ReflectionSex is the anatomy of the human body that determines whether you’re a female or a male.I also read that there can be intersex and that is when someone has features of both genders(Derman-Sparks, L., Olsen Edwards, J., 2010). Transgender is when a male or female identify asthe opposite sex. “Sometimes a child’s anatomical make-up does not match the gender role he orshe identifies with (transgender)” (2010).The video was about a couple who had a baby. The baby was born a girl but sheidentified as a boy. You can see through the pictures as time went by that she was interested inclothing that males usually wear. The parents supported their child by identifying her as a male.They cut his hair and changed his room. They did everything to support him. I think the parentsdid the right thing by accepting and loving their child unconditionally.First off, that is one scary looking Mickey Mouse. The reading was about an investigationof children’s toys in stores. There is a girls section and a boy section. The girls section usescolors like pink. For the boys section they use colors like blue or green. What you find in theaisles for girls toys are barbies, cleaning kits, make-up, vanity mirrors. For the boys, you willfind military toys and things like chess games. You see the same things in stores today. Goingback to the children’s toys, these do send messages to the children and what they should playwith. For example, the military toys send out messages of power and us versus them (Hofman,S.). It shows them that fighting is ok.This story was about a teacher who guided children in learning about what girls and boysplay with. It all started with one child’s question. The child asked why there are game boy andnot game girls. The teacher guided the children into doing research about the gender nature oftoys. It took three months. The children had a discussion about why they think there are gameRunning head: Chapter 7 Reflection 3boys and not game girls. They made observations of girls and boys playing outside. They alsolooked around their classroom to see what girls and boys usually play with. In the end they cameto the conclusion that boys and girls can have the same interests when playing with toys and theyhad the idea of writing a letter to the maker of Game Boys. Girls and boys do like to play thesame things. The teacher got the children involved by having them observe girls and boysplaying outside and indoors. She helped them make surveys and guided them by askingquestions to have them think about it.This reading was about a preschool who’s teachers participated in a research studyregarding their children in their classroom. They observed how the children play. They wanted tosee how children explore their identities through play. They did so by asking questions,observations, meetings with other teachers, and bringing together everyone’s observations. Theydid this to help make the curriculum. Essentially, the children are the curriculum. The teacherswanted to understand more about anti-bias curriculum and wanted to implement it in theirclassrooms even though most people were white there. They wanted to be able to better point outhow the children were reflecting their identities through play. “I wanted us to acknowledge andclaim our work as political work- seeing teaching as not only about supporting children’sindividual development and learning, but also about cultivating particular values and practicesthat counter oppression and enhance justice” (Pelo, A.).I would share my own experiences with the children about how I was young and what Iliked to do. I like the example from the reading “Playing with Gender.” The teacher shared withthe children what she did when she was young. Even though he was a girl she was also describedas being a tomboy. She was able to relate with the child. She showed them pictures of her whenshe was younger climbing trees and playing soccer games. I would do it so they don’t feel likeRunning head: Chapter 7 Reflection 4they’re the only ones feeling that way, so they don’t feel left out. The textbook states, “Manypreschoolers are not yet clear about what actually makes them a boy or a girl” (Derman-Sparks,L., Olsen Edwards, J., 2010). Because they’re not clear yet about what makes them a boy or agirl I would just want them to know that having those interests is ok and that they’re not alone.Derman-Sparks, Louise (2010). Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves.Washington, DC: NAEYC.Pelo, A. (2008). Playing with gender, In Rethinking early childhood Education. Milwaukee, WI:Rethinking Schools, Ltd, 67-73

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